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Echo And The Bunnymen
Think I Need It Too
Lips Like Sugar (Way Out West Remix Edit)
Do It Clean (Live)

This is a first for me. I actually got permission to post one of these songs. For some reason I was put on the right mailing list and some lovely people from Echo And The Bunnymen’s label sent me a link to download the new album in its entirety, with permission to post the single on my blog! That’s awesome! Finally, this blogging shit is starting to pay off. Well, to be honest I only got permission to post the one song, not the older tracks, but hell, they never stopped me before. They’re not Steve Winwood after all. The “Lips Like Sugar” remix is from a compilation called Future Retro and the live version of “Do It Clean” is from an EP called The Sound of Echo.

I have listened to The Fountain (the band’s upcoming release) and I can tell you that it totally totally kicks all kinds of ass. When it comes out you should fucking buy it. It kicks ass.

The Icicle Works
Understanding Jane (Live)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (Live)

Roadhouse Blues (Live)

And in “also ran” news I have some tracks by the third-tier Liverpool band The Icicle Works, who pale in comparison to the awesome awesomeness of Echo And The Bunnymen, “Whisper To A Scream” notwithstanding. This live version of “Understanding Jane” is actually quite amazing, but the live covers are holy shit bad. I’m posting them because they’ve never been released on CD as far as I know and there has to be some die hard Icicle Works fan out there clamoring for them right?

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  1. pup don says:

    Hi there. Thank you so much for posting that Echo & The Bunnymen song. I got a live version of it on mp3 a really long time ago and have been dying for this album to come out. This just made my night.

  2. sfenn says:

    Thanks! Can't wait for the Echo album. I've got a ticket to see the Ocean Rain show in SF. Just need my plane ticket.

  3. Jus says:

    Thanks for the Icicle Works b-sides. That was one I did not have. Cheers big time!

  4. Ellen says:

    We're going to see Echo & the Bunnymen in November! I saw them about 25 years ago.

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