Where’s my poorly programmed fansite?

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but just because I go off on a singular word “rant” on Twitter doesn’t mean I’m going to elaborate here. Sometimes my misery (such as it is) is my own. I love how I got tweets looking forward to elaboration on this. Sorry. Not gonna happen.

Bitches, man.

The Flame (Extended Remix)
The Flame (Yo Homeboy Mix)
The Promise (Extended Remix)

I never fully “got” the point of Arcadia. They’re 3/5ths of Duran Duran, with Andy Taylor and John Taylor MIA, correct? But Duran Duran after Arcadia was really just 4/5ths Duran Duran since Andy Taylor quit the group. It’s like some fucked up math problem, with synthesizers. The stupidity of it all boggles me. What boggles me even more is that a new band is trying something very similar. The Annuals is an overrated indie band who just last year released an album as Sunfold. Identical line-ups, just shuffled around a bit (the drummer sings now, yay). It’s incredibly stupid if you ask me (and you should have!) Why not have a pair of balls and try to be musically diverse instead of creating fake side-projects to showcase your “artier” sides. Oh well, at least Arcadia was good, unlike Sunfold (or The Annuals for that matter). These are from 12” singles originally, but I grabbed them online because my singles were scratched as shit.

Don’t You Know (Extended Mix)
Envy Your Innocence

A synth-pop band signed to Gary Numan’s incredibly short-lived Numa label. And proof that everyone has their own fan page.

Macy Gray
Sexual Revolution (Nunez, Morillo & Who Da Funk Super Dub)
Sexual Revolution (Morillo Retro Club Mix)
Sexual Revolution (Morillo Retro Dub Mix)

I liked Macy Gray’s second album. There, I said it. Yes, I’m the one. I miss her being popular, I really hope she can comeback someday. Not only is her solo stuff unique and fun, but her guest appearances kicked ass too. She’s on “Request Line,” the last good Black Eyed Peas song to date, as well as the ultra-dirty “Love Life” by Fatboy Slim. Such an amazing voice. These are from a white label test pressing that I found. The label might not be accurate.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it my ears or does the Arcadia track sound a lot like Roxy Music?

  2. raul says:

    downloading macy gray,thanks a lot,i always like this song and the mixes are fantastic
    (by the way i didn't have this ones)

  3. Ctelblog says:

    I don't know what your rant was but I do love this blog.

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