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I’m not in the world’s best mood right now and as regular readers to this blog know that means either industrial music of obscure soundtracks. Luckily for all you electronic fans I opted for the former as much as I could, since I’m running low on my industrial noise right now and I haven’t gotten around to recording that transparent blue Skinny Puppy 12” I got yet. As far all you fans of the incredibly stupid/obscure/bizarre soundtrack, don’t worry, I’ll put up the soundtracks to such gems as Silent Running and Mutant very soon.

Technoid (Club Mix)
Technoid (Radio)
Technoid (Dub)
Technoid (German)
No, it’s not an electronic alias started by the Domino’s Pizza thing. Actually, I have no idea who/what Technoid is. According to Wikipedia “technoid” is a post-industrial music genre that “takes inspiration from IDM, experimental techno and noise music.” That may be true, but the artist Technoid most certainly does not. I had a hard time classifying this one, but Last.fm dubed it EBM so I’m going to go with that, even though I have no idea what that is either. Man, this 12” single left a lot of unanswered questions, the least of which being why the song title is the same as the artists’ name. Unless you’re Bad Company or Big Country you can’t pull that shit off. Holy shit, I just realized both those bands initial are B.C….okay, now I’m getting really confused.

Die Warzau
Liberated (Cherokee Mix)
Liberated (Oscillator)
Material (Nilmix)
I put up some Die Warzau a very long time ago and only kind of enjoyed it. I fucking LOVE this shit right now. Totally NIN-style industrial in all the right ways, just poppy enough while still being angry, mean-spirited and totally dancable. I got these remixes off of a 12” single. The original versions appear on their album Engine, which I will be buying very soon because everything I’ve heard off of it sounds totally awesome.

Braindead Sound Machine
I’m In Jail
I’m In Jail (Remix)
Dogvillasan (Remix)
Yeah…so…these guys….This is what happens when you pick up a test pressing solely because it has a Wax Trax label on it. This is industrial in the broadest sense of the word. Totally dance-friendly and almost kind of upbeat. It’s very 80s, which is unfornate considering it came out in 1991. I know thing about these guys, other than the fact that they recorded just a couple albums before calling it quits (or quits calling them). “I’m In Jail” is kind of meh, but “Dovillasan” (okay, what the fuck does that mean) is pretty cool in a Nitzer Ebb chanting kind of way.

Killing Joke
Adorations (The Extended Mix)
Ecstasy (The Extended Mix)
This is mid/late 80s Killing Joke, so it’s about as rough and agressive as a Haircut 100 single. Still, it’s good stuff (mostly) and should be of note to Killing Joke fans. These are from a 12” single.

5 Responses to “Electronic Body House Techno Industrial Whatever Music”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sweet! Thanks for these mixes.


  2. Skip says:

    Thanks a lot for these and all your other posts. Your work is highly appreciated!

  3. Destrukto says:

    hey, ebm stands for Electronic Body Music, generally listened to by sad goths who wanted to dub it anything else other than Rave in the 90’s, its Rave music people. heh. Have a cool day:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    More Tears For Fears!!! Especially stuff from their 3rd and 4th albums if you have it!

  5. beketaten says:

    EBM is my shizzle! I'm surprised you hadn't heard of it before.
    It's kind of exemplified by VNV Nation and the like.
    Anyhow, you post swellness no matter what subgenre title its given!
    Keep it comin' and keep on ranting and being generally uncensored!

    Also, I thought it amusingly creepy that the "word verification" thing given to me in this comment was "ingestio". That should be the title of a Tool song if you ask me.

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