(These Parenthesis Serve No Man)

I’m glad that my little hate-filled essay on racial tolerance in America (that sounds so much more professional than “bitchy rant about racist dicks”) generated so many responses. Whenever I hit a nerve with one of my rants I always feel like I’m on the spot to follow it up with something equally vitriolic and well-written. Well, um…I got nothing. Sorry, kind of content right now. About the only thing that’s pissing me off at the moment is the unreliable control system in Skate 2 for the Xbox 360, but I really don’t feel like ranting about poor game design and the advantages and disadvantages of analog and digital control devices. Maybe next time.

Tears For Fears
Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Extended Mix)
This is an extended version in the truest sense, nothing really new or interesting about it, they just double the length of certain sections, play the end guitar solo twice and then BOOM extended remix complete. It’s such a pretty song though, why fight it? If you’re like me, listening to Tears For Fears will eventually lead to listening to “Mad World,” so you’ll need to cheer yourself up. I suggest check out this hysterical “literal version” of the video for “Head Over Heels.”

Was (Not Was)
Spy In The House Of Love (Jeffrey B. Young & Dangerous Mix)
Spy In The House Of Love (Streetsahead Mix)
Spy In The House Of Love (Derek B. Mix)
Was (Not Was) is the best use of excessive parenthesis in the history of mankind. Every time I post tracks by them I want to join in on the crazy parenthetical insanity, but I usually restrain myself (or not).

DJ Shadow
Treach Battle Beat
(Letter From Home) (Third Version)
These are B-sides/remixes from DJ Shadow’s 2002 album The Private Press, and for this blog that’s brand fucking new. “Disavowed” is an entirely original track I think, while “Treach Battle Beat” is a dub version of “Walkie Talkie,” which is on The Private Press. This version of “(Letter From Home)” is different than either of the versions that appear on the album.

Justified And Ancient (Atomic Box Remix)
Justified And Ancient (X-Mix)
I bet you don’t have these remixes, they’re both from subscription service DJ records, which were usually only bought by DJs who played clubs. The first one is is good, and gets bonus points for using the Tammy Wynette vocals, but then loses them because the quality of the vinyl kind of sucks and the recording is a little too quiet. The X-Mix sounds a hell of lot better but it’s not that radical a remix. Still, it’s the KLF, Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, so you should enjoy them.

3 Responses to “(These Parenthesis Serve No Man)”

  1. Jason Fist says:

    Interesting KLF mixes.

    A pedant (me) would say ‘parentheses’ though!

  2. the aliens says:

    All your parenthesis are belong to us.

    Hee hee hee

  3. beketaten says:

    Ah, thank you for spreading the joy of the “literal video”. I got some good solid chuckles out of that one.

    I love how you end up having Tears For Fears and The KLF in one post.

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