I was going to talk about the inaguration, but honestly, if you haven’t heard enough about it by now then there is seriously something wrong with you. It was cool. Go Obama, good luck. Now don’t fuck it up.

In other news; people need to STOP asking for me to repost shit in my comment section. I understand if you want something I already posted but since removed but I can’t put it back up just because you want it. If I did that for you I’d be doing it for everyone else and that kind of defeats the purpose of taking the links down after X amount of time (which is usually a month, much longer than other MP3 blogs).

Nothing is free people, so if you really want something I took down you have to offer me something in return. That weeds out the mooches. You also have to email me instead of posting in my comments, that weeds out..well, that just makes me happy because requests in my comment section annoys the fuck out of me.

If you can’t do that then I’m afraid all you can do is wait until April, when I allow reposts requests since that’s the anniversary of the blog. Or you could just do what my new favorite anonymous commenter in the world said go to Jerry’s and buy the damn thing yourself.

Drowning On The Seven Seas
Raving On The Seven Seas
Dancing On The Seven Seas (Remix 1)
Dancing On The Seven Seas (Remix 2)
I have seriously posted more remixes of “Sailing On The Seven Seas” then I ever thought I would – they just keep coming! And they all have different names! Apparently there are a lot of things to do on the seven seas that can be turned into remix titles; raving, dancing, drowning, singing…um…crying…drinking…pooping (okay, I made a few of those up). These remixes are from a white label promo single, which included the following note:

“This 12” contains the new remixes of OMD’s “Sailing On The Seven Seas”. All the members of the Wonederful Dean Ferguson’s high energy panel, along with selected members of the Billboard panel, received this test pressing. I hope you like it. I hope you chart it.

-Rick Squillante

Two things come to mind when reading that message, one; this is one rare son-of-a-bitch and two; who the hell is Rick Squillante?

Well, according to Wikipedia, Rick Squillante was a dance DJ who was big into “the scene” in Dallas during the early 90s, which I believe is code for “was into raves and drugs.” He was pretty influential as a DJ and eventually became a mid-level muckity-muck at a couple record labels for a while, but those gigs didn’t stick so he killed himself.

Now that you’re all sufficently down, enjoy those upbeat synthpop dance remixes.

Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Paul Hardcastle Remix)
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Paul Hardcastle Remix)
Reasons To Be Cheerful (Paul Hardcastle Remix)
Wake Up (And Make Love To Me) (Paul Hardcastle Remix)
These remixes are by Paul Hardcastle, who had a minor hit in America (and a major hit everywhere else) with the Post-Vietnam protest song “19.” I Love me some Hardcastle and I motherfucking looooove me some Dury, but sometimes two tastes don’t go great together and while these remixes are fun and worth downloading, none of them are as good as the original versions. These remixes are from a special 12” remix single.

The Robots
Robots originally appeared on The Man-Machine, but this version is from an Ultimix single, which were (are?) special singles made for DJs to spin at clubs. They usually have special remixes that aren’t available anywhere else, and I believe that is the case with this crazy odd remix. What makes it so odd? First of all it’s over nine minutes long, and it has a breakdown with a rap about time travel. So yeah, that’s different.

7 Responses to “Repost/Request/Retard”

  1. Anonymous says:

    didn’t watch a second of the freak show

  2. Anonymous says:

    inauguration?…the media was showing what they viewed as a second coming…I wasn’t buying it….good blog tho!

  3. The Lost Turntable says:

    “freak show?” What the fuck does that mean?

  4. beketaten says:

    Strangely, I ~Just~ discovered that Rhythm Stick song and downloaded one of those very remixes.
    Sometimes you seem to read my mind.

    Also: “Freak show”? Somebody is making valed suggestions of some inclunations that are possibly very ugly.

  5. tropenhelmut says:

    GEIL !!!

  6. DJ John England says:

    Let's set the records straight on Rick Squillante. Yes he was a DJ in Dallas in the 80s at the infamous Starck Club, but left in 89/90 to run dance music promotions for Virgin Records out of Beverly Hills. The comment about OMD (on who was on Virgin Records, of course) is probably from a letter that was set to the Billboard DJ panel as well as other tastemaker DJs round the country encouraging them to help promote the record. And the way you wrap up his life is deplorable.

    I can only hope you never lose anyone through suicide. A little more sensitivity would have been appropriate.

  7. The Lost Turntable says:

    Sorry if you were that dude's friend, but I didn't really bash him did I? He was a DJ in Dallas in the 80s when MDMA was huge. That's true. He went on to work at Virgin records, that's true. He killed himself. That's sadly true as well.

    I wasn't trying to sum up his life. I was giving a very basic description of who he was and what happened to him. I'm sure he was a good guy and a good friend, but I wasn't writing a biography of him, just a quick as possible summary. Sorry if you took offense but I'm sure you've talked the same way about people you don't know. We all have. If we all treated every life and death with the respect and reverence that we do when our family or friends die then we'd all just be sober sad sacks of shit all day.

    When I die I hope I achieve enough notoriety so I can one day be summed up as "big guy in Pittsburgh who swore a lot/bought a lot of records and occasionally was a dick." It would be accurate.

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