Have A Very House Christmas

Regular visitors to my blog will know that I try to plan a huge post around Christmas both as a special gift to you all and as an excuse for me to take the week off posting when I’m out being all family-friendly with my family (strange concept I know). Two years ago I put up a shitload of White Stripes B-sides, last year it was old-school rap, this year I’m wishing all of you a very Big Beat Christmas with some killer house and techno cuts, along with some industrial thrown in for good measure (and the rest of The Leather Nun tracks just because).

Right now I am in the Charlotte Airpot sitting across from a very angry bilingual chick in army fatigues and a spineless father with a little brat four-year-old who deserves to be thrown into a jet turbine. I love holiday travel.

Enjoy your chosen winter solstice celebration and I’ll see you all in a week or so.

The Creator
The Creator (The 12” Creation)
The Creator (The 7” Creation)
The Creator (The Dub Creation)
The Creator (The Intro Creation)
This is a house track that features an overly enthusiastic black minister spouting the joys of house music. Back in the late 90s I heard about five thousand tracks that followed this formula. Who did it first, and more importantly, who is the dude that has to be on half of these tracks? This is a better example of this kind of house music, with the standard scary hardcore house sound mixing well with the crazy minister guy. These are all from a 12” single.

Nitzer Ebb
Control I’m Here (Hardcore Mix)
Control I’m Here (Command Control Confront Mix)
Control I’m Here (Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix)
Nitzer Ebb is a band I can only listen to in small doses, either because they get on my nerves far too quick or because they’re music gets me so angry and pumped up that I want to punch someone in the head. And since I am currently in a crowded airport that would be especially bad. All of these tracks are from the 12” single to “Control In Here” and while a couple of these tracks have been made available on compilations, those too are also hard to find so I’m including them all here.

Alan Barratt
The Warriors
The Burial
These two tracks are off of a 12” called “Zulu Nation 5.” The cover of the album has a pair of bongo drums on it with some generic African art. Above that someone wrote in black marker “Tribal House” – gee, ya think? I have no clue who Alan Barratt is/was, but these are two good, if slightly droning, house tracks by him.

The Leather Nun
Cool Shoes
I Wish
Special Agent
On The Road
Son Of A Good Family
Desolation Ave
I would say that I’m never going to post another track by The Leather Nun again, but since I’m not counting out any other bizarre Abba covers by them I think that would be a bit hasty. These are from assorted 12” singles.

Ho Ho Ho.

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  1. Mr.Brown says:

    A huge thanks for KIA – one can only track down the PK mix off of the Album CD. This is the superior version.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks for all the COOL Leather Nun tracks.Do you have the Pink House 12″? Jonas’ very own political statement…very cool!! “I feel I’m growing old and tired and bald…sitting on a porch in a Jonh Cougar vidieo”JONAS ALMQUIST-Pink House-Yah The Leather Nun Yah!
    Cheers, HenryPonds

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