Leather Fun

I am once again going to apologize for the lack of updates as of late. Last time I blamed my job, this time I’m blaming the holidays (and Comcast for going down last night just when I was getting ready to hit “publish”). When I apologize next week I’ll blame the moon.

The Leather Nun
I Can Smell Your Thoughts (Remix)
Falling Apart
506 (Re-Visited)
I am seriously running out of things to say about this Swedish punk/goth rock band, which is quite unfortunate considering I still have at least two more posts worth of songs by them. These tracks are from the 12” single to “I Can Smell Your Thoughts” (little known fact, my thoughts smell like bacon).

Jane’s Addiction
So What! (Voodoo Funk)
So What! (Jane’s House)
So What! (Downbeat Addiction)
I have even less to say about Jane’s Addiction. Um…let me think for a second…nope I got nothing. Hey, you hear about those shitheads who are pissed that a bakery wouldn’t make a cake with their kid’s name on it since they named their kid Adolf Hitler? What a couple of fucking pieces of shit. The worthless prick of a dad says he’s non-violent, which is so fucking stupid it makes my brain hurt in ways that I didn’t know possible. Well, he may be non-violent, but I’m not, so if I ever see that fucker I’m going to make sure he can’t contribute to the gene pool anymore than he already has. What a fucking shit.

The Verve
Lord I Guess I’ll Never Know
Country Song
Bitter Sweet Symphony (Extended Version)
So Sister
Echo Bass
Here I am breaking my rules again. These tracks were not taken from vinyl, but were instead lifted from two separate CD singles. I thought I’d post them anyways since I’m feeling oh so very British after seeing Oasis this past weekend. Good show, but Ryan Adams is one of the worst acts I’ve ever seen.

5 Responses to “Leather Fun”

  1. stephen says:

    Never mind the apologies, just fork over the Depeche Mode.

  2. Catherine says:

    The discussion surrounding Hitler-cake is revoltingly inane.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rosey cheeked vigins in moral majority T-Shirts.It makes want to hear Barry Manilow until my brain hurts.I'm forced to live on the porch of a pink house.Please Please SAVE ME from the PINK HOUSES!!- Jonas Amlquist-Leather Nun YEAH BREAK OUT THE NUN POST IT!!! I saw them opnen for Echo & The Bunnymen in Ann Arbor Mich. USA in the mid- 80's .DAMN I'M OLD!!! THEY BLEW ECHO OFF THE STAGE.No I mean they REALLY BLEW THEM OFF BACK STAGE!!GAY ICONS RULE OUR MUSIC WORLD JONAS IS A GOD Contact him @ FIST FUCKERS ASSSSOCIATED Cheers HenryPonds

  4. Jonas A says:

    Hi there!

    Just checkin' in to tell you rapidly move your asses to myspace.com/leathernun



    for updates and whatever. Like we're back touring this year with an awesome line-up…

    No Rule!

  5. Ganga Downbeat says:

    Well maybe my album isnt lost, but its unique and I hopeyou might find the time tolisten to it and visit me.
    You might even like the new release from Ganga "More Light Please" – chilled and relaxing music with a small nod to the club and a beautiful track with eighties diva Vanessa Daou
    Download available everywhere.
    Ganga – Downbeat / Chill Out Music

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