I’m so Heavy Metal I’m Osmium

Anyone want to set my car on fire so I can collect insurance? I’ll repay you with a 12” single of the Howard The Duck Theme. Seems like a fair trade to me.

Nuclear Assault
Final Flight
I knew little about this band until this weekend, when I picked up this 12” single because of the sheer metalness of the band’s logo. I went to Allmusic to read up on them and their synopsis of the band begins with “Nuclear Assault were among thrash metal’s most socially aware groups…” only to click on their complete song list to find that they recorded a song called “Butt Fuck.” Now, that may be a metaphor for World War III (a common theme in other NA songs), but I doubt it. Anyways, this group was formed by Anthrax’s first bass player Danny Liker and a dude named John Connelly, who was a roadie for Anthrax at the time. So they kind of sound like Anthrax. Connelly really can’t sing at all, and the chords are pretty simple (even for thrash) still, they have a simplistic, “fuck you” charm to them that I kind of dig. These two songs were the b-sides to “Brain Death,” and they have never made their way to CD.

Living Colour
Love Rears Its Ugly Head (Soulpower Mix)
Love Rears Its Ugly Head (Hip Hop Mix)
Elvis Is Dead (Elvis Is In The House Mix)
Elvis Is Dead (Zans is Dead Dub)
Hip-hop/house/dance remixes of Living Colour tracks confus me since these dudes were fucking punk rock as shit when they first burst onto the scene. When “Elvis Is Dead” is remixed into a dance tune it’s still good, but it sounds strangely British to me. These tracks are from 12” singles and the Soulpower Mix I have is not the same version that’s on the Greatest Hits.

The Leather Nun
Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) (Chopper Mix)
Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) (The Rejected Version)
Lollipop (Suckers Version)
I recently bought half a dozen singles by The Leather Nun and all of them feature tracks that were never released on CD. Hell, even if they were put on CD at one point I’d still post them since everything released by this great evil group out of Sweden is sadly out of print here in the America. I thought I’d kick off this cavalcade of Swedish glam/goth/industrial/rock by posting the remixes to their cover of that classic ABBA tune as well as a remix of their immensely dirty original song “Lollipop.” (Hint, it’s not really about sucking a lollipop) (Another hint: It’s about his penis.)

4 Responses to “I’m so Heavy Metal I’m Osmium”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Elvis is dead? No I don’t think he is, in fact he never was. Corey is dope, though.

  2. DJ Paul V. says:


    My favorite is still “Jesus Came Driving Along”,
    followed closely by “FFA” ;)~~~~~~~~~

  3. Jude says:

    who’s “heavier” — you (Osmium) or Vivian from The Young Ones (denim jacket declaring “Very Metal”)?

  4. Lope de Aguirre says:

    Best Swedish band ever. Though the Swedes had some great 70s psych bands too. Arbete & Fritid for example are great.

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