The Lost Turntable Drops More Fucken Beats

In two days I went to two concerts; Matt & Kim and Girl Talk. Both shows were insane spectacles of awesomeness that were filled with skinny little hipsters that I wanted to kill. Note to guys, stop wearing v-neck t-shirts and Kanye shutter glasses. It’s not cool, it’s not funny, it’s not “ironic,” it’s fucking annoying and I will smack you. And note to girls, if you’re going to dance on stage and wear a mini-skirt you should probably wear underwear (or not, I’m cool with whatever.)

On an unrelated note, I apologize for the lack of updates lately, hopefully after Thanksgiving shit will slow down for me a bit so I can get back to shit I like doing (like this).

Insomnia (Armand’s European Vacation Mix)
Insomnia (Armand’s Mission To Mars Mix)
Insomnia (Monster Mix)
Insomnia (De Donatis Mix)
This was the enigmatic “more faithless” I hinted at a couple of weeks ago, and I think you all will agree with me that remixes of this seminal house/trip-hop classic are better than remixes of the Boy George-centric “Why Go.” If you disagree with that your opinion is wrong, “Insomnia” is one of the greatest electronic tracks of all time.

808 State
Pacific 0101
Pacific Break
Pacific 516
Okay, so how many versions of “Pacific” are there? In addition to these three (which are off of a 12” single) there are also versions numbered 202, 718, 212, 909, and one just called “Pacific State.” I have 909, but it’s scratched to hell and I couldn’t fix it up enough to put up here, sorry about that. This is some good chill shit.

Chris & Cosey
Exotika (Remix)
Beatbeatbeat (Live)
Rise (12” Remix)
I know very little about Chris & Cosey, other than they were both members of Throbbing Gristle. I’m also very tired so I’m going to stop now. These remixes are from two different 12” singles.

3 Responses to “The Lost Turntable Drops More Fucken Beats”

  1. Tim says:

    Great stuff as always. I love pretty much any mix of “Pacific” or “Insomnia.”

  2. DJ Justin Johnson says:

    Great choons, thanks for posting! I always wanted to see Chris & Cosey live but alas 'twas not to be.
    I heard Grooverider play his remix of Pacific @ WMC years ago. I freaked. 🙂

  3. Reid says:

    Wow. I have been looking for a copy of Pacific Break, Pacific 516 and Pacific 909 since my cassette tape of Pacific broke. I missed the post while it was up, any chance of reposting?

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