Lost Turntable Drops The Fucken Beats

I’ve been to Toledo four times since August, and three of those times I’ve come back sick. I think that makes it official, I’m allergic to Northwest Ohio.

Daft Punk
Harder Better Faster Stronger (Peter Heller’s Stylus Mix)
Harder Better Faster Stronger (Peter’s Beatz)
Harder Better Faster Stronger (Breakers Break Remix)
Harder Better Faster Stronger (Pete Heller’s Deeper Dub)
So I see this 12” single with remixes of “Harder Better Faster Stronger” and I’m like, “fuck yea, that’s the best song ever, those remixes are gonna be insane!” Actually, I was wrong. Since “Harder Better Faster Stronger” is in my list for the top 5 electronic tracks of all time, it’s damn near impossible to improve. So while all these remixes are fun and pretty good, they all pale in comparison to the original. They are all better than that damned Kanye song though, for what that’s worth.

The Chemical Brothers
Come With Us (Fatboy Slim Remix)
Come With Us (H Foundation Remix)
What does H.I.A. stand for? Any takers? Horny In Alabama? Hot Ill Aardvarks? Horribly Infected Anus? (Sorry about that one.) I have no clue. It’s a non-album track taken from the 12” single to “Come With Us,” and is pretty much a dub/instrumental remix of that song. Fatboy Slim’s remix of “Come With Us” is balls-out nuts awesome.

Hold On
If you Google “Sci-Clone” the first thing that comes up is a pharmaceutical company. If “Sci Clone” isn’t the most fucked up terrifying name for a drug company than I don’t know what is. Sounds like some company that starts the research that leads to the zombie apocalypse. Those bastards will be the death of us all. This bastard, on the other hand, is going to give you some great drum ‘n’ bass love in the form of these two tracks, which came from a 12” single. Both of these tracks combine DnB with jazz (I’m always shocked at how well that works) and should appeal to those out there who usually pass on DnB because it’s too crazy.

6 Responses to “Lost Turntable Drops The Fucken Beats”

  1. Darren says:

    H.I.A. – Higher Intelligence Agency. An ambient dub/techno band from Birmingham, UK active around the same time as the Chemical Brothers were just making it big(ish).

    Don’t think this is a remix by them, however there is a possibility it was deliberately named after them (it’s not like the Chemicals don’t have form in paying homage to their peers in this way – see the whole Dust Brothers thing…)

  2. Anonymous says:

    The fat boy slim remix you posted is just the original album version

  3. The Lost Turntable says:

    Fixed the remix problem.

  4. Ryan D. says:

    I love this blog. So many big beat vinyl rips.

  5. Anonymous says:

    H.I.A – I may be wrong but isn’t the main vocal hook all throught the track “We’re gonna get you HIGHER or to put it another way HI A i.e. H.I.A” I’m sure the title just stands for HIGHER and nothing more deep and meaningful.

  6. bart says:

    I’ve got practically all tracks ever released by Sci-Clone. Fine stuff indeed!

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