Bloggin’ In Toledo Blues

A quick round up of my latest reviews

Marnie Stern: This Is It…
– The best album of the year. No contest.

Hadouken!: Music For An Accelerated Culture – Grime? Grindie? Fuck it, it’s just stupid.

ph10: Well Connected
– Fun DnB. I like this record, even if the person who commented on my review seems to think I didn’t.

Mr. Meeble: Never Trust The Chinese
– Not even half as good as that awesome title would suggest.

Lift Me Up
I had to scour the damned interwebs to find this motherfucker. This song is in Zack And Miri Make A Porno during a very…intense scene. It’s a beautiful goddamn song. However, not only is it not on the soundtrack to the movie it’s not on any Live album! The story goes that Kevin Smith first heard the song while making Mallrats but Live wouldn’t let him use it in that movie and since they hadn’t released it some 13 years later he asked them again for this movie and they said yes. Now, I still kind of like Live, but they haven’t released a song this good in ages, what the fuck is their problem? If they put this song out on iTunes people will buy it. The quality of this MP3 isn’t perfect, but this is probably the only one you’re going to find for a while.

Erykah Badu
On & On (“I’m Feeling High” Vocal House Mix)
On & On (“I’m Feeling High” Dub Mix)
Aside from “Lift Me Up” all of the songs on tonight’s post were taken from white label 12” singles. These are the only two songs of the bunch that are from an actual official release, a promo single that had in massive print “FOR DJ USE ONLY.” “On & On” is my fav Badu song, and surprisingly enough, the song actually works well in club/house remix form.

Depeche Mode
It’s No Good (Club 69 Dub)
It’s No Good (Club 69 Remix)
This one wasn’t labeled outside of someone writing “Depeche Mode” on the label in blue ink. I found out the name of the remixes by Googling the number that was etched into the vinyl itself. Club 69 is not a place, but a person who’s real name is Peter Rauhofer. He’s pretty well-established in the remix community (even won a Grammy) so these remixes were probably released legitly at some point.

Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder
Chasing Donna
This remix, however, probably never was. I grabbed this off of a very strange 12”. One side has a horrible song that incorporates (rather poorly) a sample of Samuel L. Jackson Ekezial speech from Pulp Fiction and shit house beat. That side was labeled as “Pulp Fiction,” but for some strange reason above that were the words “Led Zeppelin” crossed out. Odd. Anyways, that song is awful, this song however is the opposite of awful (it’s totally awesome). It’s a mash-up remix that combines the vocal of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” with the main theme music from the movie Midnight Express, which was called “The Chase.” Both songs were composed originally by Giorgio Moroder, but I don’t know the identity of the remixer that mashed them up. Between the Pulp Fiction track and the Chasin Amy reference of this one, I can only assume that it was done by someone who loves 90s indie cinema.

3 Responses to “Bloggin’ In Toledo Blues”

  1. Milllsie says:

    The Donna Summer/Moroder mix is a bootleg (of a bootleg), which is this;

    it was done by Glenn Underground, and you are right, its bloody great

  2. Anonymous says:

    As far as I know the Club69 remixes of “It’s no Good” have only been released on the “remixes 81-04” compilation – at least one of them. The others were pretty popular but have never been officially released.

  3. Ktel Jenkins says:

    I bought this gem [just kidding, didn’t care much for it] when it came out, heres the original info

    it appears to have made the rounds since in various forms, but this was the first I remember when I was working for 2 diff record stores in the nineties.
    get on the infolist:

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