Citris Nightmare

Obama won! Yay.

People still hate gays! Boo.

So that’s my political post. Slightly unrelated side note, I badmouthed Michael Crichton on Monday and the dude went and dropped dead just hours later, so maybe I should lay off the bile for a bit (yeah, right). But seriously even though Crichton was kind of a douche he was a great writer and I’m sure his passing is a blow to those who loved him. So he will be missed. Go read Andromeda Strain if you haven’t dammit, it’s an amazing book.

Now, who wants rare 80s soundtracks by Tangerine Dream? I know I do!

Wavelength Original Soundtrack
Heartbreakers Original Soundtrack
I haven’t seen either of these films, but here’s what I’ve been able to gather about them. Wavelength was an independently produced film about aliens being held captive by the evil military and only Robert Carradine can save them. It was directed by a dude named Mike Gray, who went on the produce and write some episodes of Star Trek: TNG. It came out and then left about five minutes later. No one saw it and as far as I can tell there’s little evidence that the movie even exists. The few reviews I found were overwhelmingly blah, and its currently out of print (and I’m not going to hunt it down to find out more about it).

Now Heartbreakers I found a little bit more about. It was made by Bobby Roth, who’s directed a billion TV shows since then and starred Peter Coyote and Nick Mancuso, two actors who you’ve never heard of but seen thousands of times. This movie was slightly more well recieved than Wavelength. It played Sundance (back when actual independent films played it) and Ebert gave it four stars (he also gave Titan A.E. three and a half stars though, so take his recommendation with a grain of salt). Despite this somewhat warm reception this movie is also out of print (and I’m also not going to hunt this one down either).

Both soundtracks are typical 80s Tangerine Dream. I personally like Wavelength more because its tone is a bit more somber and understated, the music for Heartbreakers is very over-the-top 80s sounding (in all the bad ways). Still if you like Tangerine Dream you should dig on these and since they’re both insanely out of print (how many times can I type “out of print” in one post?) this is the only place you’re going to find them without paying an arm and leg (and neither of them are that good..maybe worth a pinkie and a toenail, but that’s it).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Think of it this way – we all know you didn’t kill him, but for the time being, none of us can escape the feeling that your words are a tad more powerful than we’ll ever comprehend. Very few people will ever find themselves in such a situation, so enjoy it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t comment a lot on here, but you always have great posts, and I love reading your rants. On a post-related note, here is a link to The Echoes Blog, and their current entry about Vic Hennegan. He is referred to as Tangerine Dream’s Space Child. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for the cool blog.

  3. Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas says:

    I saw Wavelength years ago – it wasn’t bad (as I recall) but a bit slowly paced.

    Cherie Currie (formerly of The Runaways) is also in it.

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