The Blog Of The Seduction Of The Re-Works Of The Art Of Noise

I’m sitting in front of my computer (duh) and to the left of me are two boxes filled with vinyl I have yet to record. It’s imposing and taunts me. I try to listen to some Depeche Mode or something off my hard drive but then the 12” single to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “My Posse On Broadway” jumps up and says “when you gonna record me bitch!?” It’s frightening. I will not rest until I get all this shit recorded (okay that’s a lie, but I am going to, like, try really hard to get it all done).

The Art Of Noise
Legacy (12” Version)
Legs (Live)
Paranoimia (Live)
To Hammersmith To Tokyo and Back (Live)
Your Dream or Mine (Way Out West Mix)
Metaphor on the Floor (Plan 138): Mix
Metaforce (The Beat of a Metaphor Mix)
Metaforce (The X-Ray of a Metaphor Mix)
Metaforce (The Size of a Metaphore Mix)
Metaforce (The Sighs of a Metaphore Mix)
Side-effect of the massive backlog of yet-to-be recorded vinyl; I have a ton of certain artists/genres all together, which allows me to do themed posts for a bit. This is obviously The Art Of Noise post. Coming soon: the white label remix post; the soundtrack post; and my personal favorite – the “what the fuck is this stupid shit” post. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The first four tracks are from the album Re-Works of The Art of Noise, which is now out of print. It was combination live/remix record, and also featured some remixes of “Peter Gunn” and other songs that I’ve previously featured here. The live versions are weird, mostly because they don’t sound live at all. The other six tracks are from an incredibly strange two-LP album I got called The Seduction of The Art of Noise. It came out in 1999 and in addition to the six tracks I’m featuring it also included the original versions of “Beat Box (Diversion One)” and “Moments In Love” for some odd reason. It should be noted that the cleverly-titled “sighs” and “size” mixes are by Roni Size. It should also be noted that all of these songs are really awesome.

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