The Big(gest) Country Post

Someone sent me this article. I can totally tell sometimes that people are just trying to direct me towards things that will make me angry and in turn create a (hopefully) very entertaining angry rant for you all to read.

Sorry, I’m agreeing with the Kaiser Chiefs dude on this one. People who put up entire albums that haven’t come out yet suck. I’m willing to go even further and say that people who put up entire albums after they’ve come out suck. Right now I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Mr. Lost Turntable, you’re a hypocrite! You put up full albums all the time! And while I’m attacking you, I’d also like to point out that you need to proofread your posts more!”

That comment about my copy editing skills totally hurts, but I’m willing to overlook it to address your first issue. By in large, the songs I put up on my blog are not easily available. Some may be, but when they are I never put up the whole album, I only do that if I’m damn sure the thing is out of print in either America or most of Europe. If I ever put up a complete album that was commercially available (legally, not bootlegged), then it was by accident.

If a blog is putting up the entire Kaiser Chiefs album (or any new album for that matter) they’re assholes and giving bloggers like me a bad name. If you like an artist, buy their music. Use BitTorrent for what it was meant for, rare music and mountains of pornography.

Big Country
East Of Eden (Extended Version)
Prairie Rose
Hold The Heart (Instrumental)
Honky Tonk Woman (Live)
One Great Thing (Boston Mix)
Where The Rose Is Sown (Extended Version)
Bass Dance
Belief In The Small Man
The Teacher (Mystery Mix)
Restless Natives The Soundtrack Part 1 (REPOST)
Restless Natives The Soundtrack Part 2
I wanted to post these a month ago, but then my fucking computer died before I could record them. Since I love Big Country, I didn’t want to risk doing a substandard recording using my laptop and I waited until I finally got all my shit together (well, most of it anyway) to record them properly. Astute eyes will notice that I’ve included the both parts of the Restless Natives soundtrack. I posted the first part a while ago, and it only seems fair to make them both available now that I’ve finally put the second part online. Don’t go assuming that I’m going to start reposting other shit though. Anyways, these tracks come from a variety of singles and I’m not going to go through the list and say which ones, you’ll see when you play the songs for yourself. Some of these are available on import versions of Big Country albums, box sets, rarities collections and what not, others aren’t.

3 Responses to “The Big(gest) Country Post”

  1. Ctelblog says:

    Mr Lost Turntable

    If you want sometyhing to make you cross, read this about record company overkill:

  2. a Tart says:

    Thanks for the Big Country tracks, very very nice! And yes, that post by Song, by Toad is absolutely enraging and something you should know, xoxo

  3. john says:

    I have to thank you for totally turning me on to Big Country. I just bought their Live 2 cd set without a net And its fucking outstanding !! Thanks for introducing me to my new favorite band !!!

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