Death By Stereo Input

Can someone be annoyed to the point of a nervous breakdown? The adjustment period of my new computer has not been….pleasant. Everything has worked great, except for the audio, which as you can kind of imagine is more than a little important for someone like me. I’m not even going to get into all the the problems I had with recording over the past 72 hours, because just thinking about them makes me so damned angry that I feel like my head is going to pop. This is a bad situation for me, I have…rage issues (I don’t even call it anger management, it goes beyond that) and I’m totally OCD when it comes to stupid shit that has no relevance, such as minuscule problems with audio recording fidelity.

As it stands now I think I got all the serious kinks worked out, at least the ones I have control over. For some reason the new needle on my turntable is recording the right channel better than the left channel. I can’t hear a difference, and I only know because I can see it in my audio editing software. If you can honestly hear a difference to the point where it annoys you don’t fucking tell me unless you know how to fucking fix it.

I’m stressed beyond the point of industrial music’s healing power, time for some chill out shit.

Depeche Mode
Two Minute Warning (Live)
Somebody (Live)
Ice Machine (Live)
Everything Counts (Live)
The last time I was in Toledo I went to Culture Clash and the dude there was all stoked because he just got a shitload of 80s shit and he knew that was my Achilles heel. I didn’t suspect that he would have anything I didn’t already own but fuck my wallet was I wrong. Not only did he have some obscure New Order, John Foxx and Bjork (which I will be posting soon) but he also had everything that is in tonight’s post, starting with this these Depeche Mode live tracks, which come from the 12” single to Blasphemous Rumours. With the addition to this and the other Depeche Mode 12” I picked up at Culture Clash (which I will also be posting soon), my collection is nearly complete. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself then, guess I’ll move onto Ultravox or something.

Overcome (Bungle Mix)
Overcome (Zippy Mix)
Whenever I see Tricky’s name I don’t think of his music (or his illustrious acting career) instead the Run DMC song “It’s Tricky” always comes to mind. Tricky should totally cover that, remake it as “I’m Tricky” or something. Or not. I’m very tired. These remixes of “Overcome” (which in itself is a remix/remake of “Karmacoma”) is from the 12” single.

Massive Attack
Protection (The Eno Mix)
Protection (The Eno Instrumental)
Protection (Underdog’s Angel Dust Mix)
Protection (Angel Dust Instrumental)
Okay, man…like between the Tricky and now this Massive Attack I am like totally sedate. Who the fuck needs drugs man, I got trippy ass ambient music. This 2 LP 12” single was the find of a lifetime and I nearly shit when I discovered it. I’ll be putting up more of this one next time. It’s all awesome, but the Eno mix (ala Brian Eno) is divine.

4 Responses to “Death By Stereo Input”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You think, maybe, you could .zip or .rar all those b-sides when you’re done, put them on megaupload or something… a makeshift box set of sorts.
    Just a suggestion. An unrealistic one.
    “maybe I’ll move onto ultravox or something”
    Oh, the word sequences one hears around 80’s fanatics!

    It always seemed a song called “Two Minute Warning” had no right to exceed, say, 2:15.

  2. rollingballs says:

    i definitely prefer these .mp3 listings more than .rar or .zip. easier to deal with. thanks!

  3. D3N1ZEN says:

    Right on. I have always had trouble downloading from your pages. Great DM tracks although my favorite is the Leave in Silence single with Further Excerpts from… The Eno remixes of Massive attack are a super score. Keep up the good work

  4. Jude says:

    Hey, do you think it would be possible to re-post the angel dust instrumental version of this track. I have been looking for it everywhere and it seems to be impossible to find…
    All the best and thanks for the good work

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