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Damn it’s been an annoying few days. I finally got my new computer put together with the help of an awesome friend and was looking forward to recording some bitchin’ tunes. However, I ran into a problem. For some reason if I connect my turntable to my computer via the line-in connection, this happens.

In case it’s not evident in the screencap, all the lows on the right channel are getting cut off. It only happens when I use the computer’s on-board sound card and not my old external (which isn’t fully Vista compatible) or the USB recording feature of the turntable (which I don’t really like but am using for the time being).

A/V GEEKS PLEASE HELP! This problem is really driving me nuts! Anyone that can help me will receive sexual favors a shitload of any remixes/b-sides/whatever they want.

Now, one more piece of business before we get to the music. A commenter sent me this link to a review of a review of the new Kings Of Leon album. If you haven’t already watched that video, please do, because if you don’t everything I’m going to say from this point on will be very confusing to you.

I originally had an epic-length rant as to why I agree with Peter Grumbine’s assessment of this particular “rock critic” but most of it was rather redundant and came off as rather bitchy. Instead I just want to focus on a few things, firstly this comment from his review:

They exist on and believe in their own hype, an intangible juggernaut stunningly and consistently supported by the UK and Australian media while soundly denounced by the North American bastion of indie taste Pitchfork, now for the fourth time in as many full-lengths with their lowest ever rating.

Dude, check the URL for the review, you write for Pop Matters, not Pitchfork. While the two sites probably aren’t competing for readers, name-dropping another music mag in your review comes off as pathetic pandering. You don’t write for Pitchfork, although you are obviously pretentious enough, get over it and stop stroking their ironic cock. I’ve lambasted Pitchfork before (on more than one occasion) but if you think they are “the North American bastion of indie taste” that’s fine, it just doesn’t belong in your review. Citing that you share their opinion comes off as a pathetic attempt to add validity to your own opinion. Let your opinion stand for itself.

This was Filmore’s response to his ass-whooping by Grumbine:

I can’t believe you guys went to all that effort. That’s awesome. Of course, it’s outrageously biased and several of your points are mere semantic nitpicking, but this is still probably the coolest thing that’s ever happened with one of my reviews. I’ve never had someone do a screenwipe with three of my pics before. I feel like I was on Entertainment Tonight or something. Thanks again, guys. I’m going to post this everywhere. A drunk pornstar’s dog’s name… that’s gold. Feel free to rant on any of my future reviews.

Filmore missed the point so much that the light from the point would take a million years to reach his whiny ass. Grumbine called him out on misunderstanding the point of songs, poor writing skills, misplaced rants and overall shoddy criticism, not on the meaning of the review. Filmore made the meaning of his review quite clear, it was just stupid and poorly written.

I’m not saying that Filmore is a shitty writer, I don’t know. I only have this review and a few others that I read to go on. I can safely say though that the review in question was a piece of shit. Not for his rating or his opinion, but for his justification (or lack there of) of his opinion . As a critic I can tell you that writing mean reviews can be fun (really fun) but I try to make sure that in doing so I give fair and accurate reasons as to why the album or artist makes me so angry. Filmore failed to do that, and that’s why he got called out, not because of “semantics.”

And one more thing, hey Filmore, I know that getting attention for your work is fun. And I also know that pissing people off to the point where they launch rants against you can be downright awesome, but maybe instead of getting off on it you might want to seriously consider the comments against you. That’s how you become a better writer and not a self-righteous twat.

The Brighton Port Authority
Toe Jam
Toe Jam (Database Remix)
Since I have an MP3 blog that is read by more than 5 people (barely) get inindated with email from other blogs, PR firms and artists themsevles looking for me to pimp out their music. I have always ignored such emails because featuring the hottest new tracks by the hottest new artists isn’t really the point of this blog. However, I made an exception with this one since in addition to giving me the single they also gave me a non-album remix track. I’m also featuring it because of who it is. The Brighton Port Authority (BPA) is Fatboy Slim’s new project that features a billion or so guest artists, from Iggy Pop to Martha Wainwright. This track features Dizzee Rascal and the great David Byrne. It’s awesome. And if you haven’t yet be sure to check out the amazing video.

I Miss You (Dobie’s Rub Part Two – It’s A Hip Hop Thing)
I Miss You (Underwater Mix)
Army Of Me (Featuring Skunk Anansie)
Army Of Me (ABA All-Stars Mix)
I am very tired and this has been a very long blog post so I have run out of witty material for tonight. These are the first things I have reocrded with my new computer/audio set-up. Please let me know if there are any problems with it. The remixes of “I Miss You” come from a 12” promo single and the “Army Of Me” versions are from a 2LP 12”. Assuming my computer/turntable doesn’t blow up tomorrow I should have more Bjork soon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the new fatboy slim


  2. rich says:

    I’m no expert, but have you tried updating the driver for your internal soundcard?

    Great posts as well, cheers!

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