Fuck Newegg and Fuck Microsoft and Britpop Funtime

I have not one but TWO hate-filled rants tonight. If you can get through them then you will be treated to lovely Britpop.

Fuck New Egg
Fuck them hard. I bought the parts for a new computer last Tuesday from them and there was a problem with the credit card. I never got an email about it (I later found out that it went to my spam folder) so I didn’t know the order wasn’t shipping until I came back from Toledo and found out the packages weren’t here yet. I contacted them this morning and reportedly resolved the issue, at 9:30 tonight (an hour after their support closes) I got an email telling me that because of unresolved issues they VOIDED my order. This was AFTER they told me everything was okay with it and that it was probably SHIPPING today. They lied to me on the phone. Lied. End of story. The best part is that the email about my voided order came after their support closed. So, they still have customer service staff there, but not anyone who can answer a damn phone. And speaking of their support, who the hell has support on Pacific time? I get it, they’re located on the West Coast, good for them, but the world starts before 9AM PST, get off your asses and turn on your phone lines earlier. New Egg is supposed to be the best right? Does the next one down just come to your house and punch you in the balls? I mean, how can anyone fuck up more than this?

Fuck Microsoft
Oh wait, nevermind, I know the answer to that question. So my 360 broke on me (twice) and it was “refurbished” (which is shit jargon for “fixed”). However, when it was fixed someone fucked up and now my DRM-crippled content doesn’t work unless my 360 is connected to the internet. Why? No one knows. It totally ruined my plans for a downloadable-content filled Rock Band 2 weekend with my friends in Toledo (no internet connection available at that location). I had to call Microsoft three damn times to get an answer. The first time the woman (who barely spoke English) told me to follow the instructions at the website (even though I already did that). The second person (who kind of spoke English) put me on hold for 20 minutes. The third (who spoke fucking Esperanto) transferred me to their supervisor, who after asking me for everything short of a sperm count told me that the problem should be fixed in four to five days. What a bunch of shiveling shitbags. This is widely documented problem on the internet, yet no one at the Indian (as in the country) tech support seems to know shit about it. I had some shit experiences with my PS2, which is why I didn’t buy a PS3, but nothing compares to this bullshit. I would still like to know what I paid 50 bucks for to fix it, since it still hasn’t worked right since. Fuck these guys. I’m never buying a Microsoft game console again. Those little shitheads have gotten cocky, thinking that they can release substandard, poorly working equipment with shoddy games and get away with it. I got one word for any assholes who think that: SEGA.

This is why I like vinyl. You don’t have to worry about complicated orders based on motherboard compatibility, DRM-hobbled content, inflated costs, and horrible outsoucred tech support. I put the damn record on, drop the needle and spin the fucking black circle.

Well, that felt good.

The Turning (The Jagz Kooner Remix)
Falling Down (The Chemical Brothers remix)
The Shock Of The Lightning (The Jagz Kooner remix)
The Shock Of The Lightning (Primal Scream Remix)
My Oasis loving friend is (not surprisingly) loving the new Oasis album. I’m digging it, but I have to say that I enjoyed Heathen Chemistry more. These remixes come from the bonus disc of Dig Out Your Soul, which is only avaiable if you buy the massive 100 buck deluxe version. I didn’t do that, but I was able to get these remixes from um…a friend.

Kaiser Chiefs
Think About You (and I Like it)
Another Number
Seventeen Cups
Not Surprised
What Time Is Love
Flowers In The Rain
The Kaiser Chiefs are my favorite British rock band of the moment, and I am greatly looking forward to their upcoming new album. The new track (“Never Miss A Beat”) is rad, and I suggest tracking it down if you have not yet. “Think About You” is the B-side to “Oh My God” and the next three tracks are all B-sides to “Everyday I Love You Less And Less.” The cover of KLF’s “What Time Is Love” is from a BBC Radio 1 broadcast (so excuse the mediocre quality). Finally, the cover of The Move’s “Flowers In The Rain” is from the excellent Radio One Established 1967 compilation. Strangely, Allmusic, Amazon and a few other places list that album as a Kaiser Chiefs record, which is entirely incorrect. So don’t go looking for Kaiser Chiefs covers of “All Along The Watchtower,” “Teenage Dirtbag” or “Careless Whisper” because they don’t exist, no matter what Allmusic tells you.

9 Responses to “Fuck Newegg and Fuck Microsoft and Britpop Funtime”

  1. Hanan says:

    the Kaiser Chiefs are vastly underappreciated

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this. I prefer CD so it’s great to get an electronic version of the Oasis vinyl-only stuff.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I totally relate to your rant and here's why. I decided to upgrade my internet service recently and had so many frustrations with round after round of being put on hold only so I could eventually talk to yet another person who couldn't address my issues competently that I finally gave up and cancelled the upgrade. And in case you're wondering, that was AT&T. I figured if they can't even get it together when I'm in the process of agreeing to pay them heaps more $$$ per year on an ongoing basis, I don't even want to imagine how useless they'll be after they get me hooked. So instead I'm happy to offer them this anti-commercial in thanks for wasting so many hours of my life and raising my blood pressure unnecessarily.

    More to the point, thanks (real thanks, that is, not the sarcastic kind) for your Bowie and Smashing Pumpkins posts, especially that cover of Dreaming.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for posting these songs. I’ve been trying to hunt down their b-sides forever!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your post rocks, always, and I completely agree the Kaiser’s are under-rated. Also, the Oasis bonus disc might be better than the original album.

  6. Anonymous says:

    thanks for posting these oasis remixes – i like them better than the originals. and i really like oasis’s first album and think its been downhill for them since. i really dont think they are that good. i cant think of a good song they put out since aquiense (sp?)

  7. The Lost Turntable says:

    “i cant think of a good song they put out since aquiense (sp?)”

    Lyla motherfucker.

  8. nattymari says:

    Going through blogs and found your rant. Same thing happened to me this summer with my XBOX… but the tech support guy knew how to fix.


    Will take you to a page that will transfer your DRM licenses onto your new (yes, it is new – not fixed.) XBOX.

    That’s the problem. They simply swap out your broke 360 in Mesquite TX and replace it with a refurbished one… who knows,? you could have my old one 😉

  9. SeanDiS says:

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