I got a Degree in Being Awesome

I got my degree today! I am now officially done with college (for the second time)! I graduated Magna Cum Laude too! And if I had any respect at all for the shitty educational institution that I escaped from then I would be proud of that.

Next week I am finally getting a new computer, which means I can hook up my turntable again and start recording with ease. Can’t wait, I got a lot of shit backed up (ew, that sounded wrong) that I really want to put up here. Expect massive posts of stupid 80s shit very soon. Until then here is some not-so-stupid 80s shit to hold you over.

Jean Michel Jarre
Revolutions (Remix)
B-side to “London Kid.” Sadly lacking in laser harp.

All Tomorrow’s Parties (1983 Remix)
Deviation (Live)
Obscure Alternatives (Live)
European Son (Remix)
What a stupid band name. Even stupider, they somehow became very popular in the actual country of Japan. Berlin isn’t huge in Berlin and Kansas aren’t huge in Kansas, the Japanese must fall to pandering pretty damn easy. Anyways, these remixes and live cuts came from a 2 LP 12” single for “All Tomorrow’s Parties.”

Thomas Dolby
Hyper-Active! (Heavy Breather Subversion)
Get Out Of My Mix (Special Dance Version)
Speaking of stupid names, “Heavy Breather Subversion?” Hey man, Erasure has the market cornered on stupid remix names, don’t cramp their style. “Get Out Of My Mix” is a “megamix” that combines a shitload of Dolby songs into one giant dance mix. Sadly lacking in exclamations of “SCIENCE!” but otherwise quite good. Both of these are on the “Hyper-Active!” 12” single.

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Special Re-Mix)
One Small Day (Special Re-Mix)
According to Wikipedia “Dancing WIth Tears In My Eyes” is about Midge Ure’s fears that of nuclear plant meltdown. I’ll take their word for that. A lot of New Wave/New Romantic artists were obsessed with nuclear anhillation, maybe that’s why so many of them vanished in the 90s, without the Cold War they had nothing. These are both from the 12” single to “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes.”

8 Responses to “I got a Degree in Being Awesome”

  1. Mike Czech says:

    Congraduations! Welcome back to the real world, and hope the new computer / turntables keep on spinnin!!

  2. Ctelblog says:

    “Magna Cum Laude”? Is that good? “With great distinction” means what? Don’t you have actual results and what’s al the GPA stuff that you people fret about.

    Congrats anyway.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great clutch of tunes, especially the Japan tracks, I don’t think Japan is a bad name per se, but how about “Sylvania”?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on finishing up College.

    As you would say……U win an internet. 8P


  5. Hanan says:

    congrats! hopefully, I can post something similar in the Spring…

  6. Dave The Ox says:

    Congrats on graduating!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Congrats, looking forward to more ’80s stuff from you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Japan and Ultravox tracks sound like they are in mono to me – is that a mistake or are my ears deceiving me? Thanks for the blog anyway.

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