Much Love From The Peanut Gallery

Hurray for my commentors making my job much easier! Almost all of tonight selections were given to me by you very awesome people who have graced my very awesome blog with your very awesome presence. If any of you want to get hooked up with something, email me. This only applies to anyone who has sent me something, and you have to prove that you’re you. I ain’t hooking up everyone. I don’t want to tear down my carefully constructed prick persona.

Billy Idol
Heroin (A Drug Called Horse Mix)
Heroin (Ionizer mix)
Not a single one of you rat bastards commented on the remixes I posted. Not even the two of you who asked so politely for them. You all are on my shitlist. That being said, here are even more remixes of the perpetually underrated cover of the Velvet Underground classic thanks to my Dutch friend Fred. I don’t know where they came from originally though.

DJ Z-Trip and Murs
Fat Bottom Remix
Rock You/Hard Work
Kiss Remix (Prince And The Revolution Will Not Be Televised)
Okay these are really stupid, even compared to other mash-ups, they’re totally retarded. However, they also totally rock. Mad props to Dave The Ox. These are all from the same bootleg promo single.

The Toadies are one of my favorite bands from the 90s. Gary Numan is one of my favorite artists from the 80s. Combine them for massive amounts of win. Thomas is my new hero. However, he didn’t tell me where this track originally came from, anyone got info?

But, wait I have more Toadies covers! And this is shit from my own collection. I’m done living off the scraps of others.

Auf Wiedersehen
Ghoulies Get Together
Auf Wiedersehen is a cover of an awesomely intense, almost punk rock, Cheap Trick song. It’s one of my favorite songs by the group. Source: Unknown. I do know where Ghoulies Get Together is from though. It’s the track that the Toadies contributed to the most excellent Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits, which also included The Ramones version of the Spider-man theme and The Butthole Surfers rocking Underdog. Pick that baby up if you can, it’s amazing.

6 Responses to “Much Love From The Peanut Gallery”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Apparently there is a white label double 12” with remixes of Heroin
    that has the other two remixes.


  2. Ctelblog says:

    Could only have commented that Billy Idol was meh. Doesn’t get us very far. But we still love you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any other Big Country remixes ? Seriously ever since you posted the 12″ for Look Away I’ve been hooked ! Ive bought the Big Country collection cd and I am totally amazed on how fucking awesome this band is/was . It totally sucks mad donkey dick that the lead singer “Stuart” hung himself. FUCK ! I just got to know this amazing band and they are no more ! …Thanks for introducing me to this bands amazing music. Seriously …THANK You

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for making my mp3 player say ….Um what the fuck ??!! HaHa Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Your posts are the shit !

    I look forward to them every time !!!!!dork74

  5. Brad C says:

    I'm loving the Toadies too! Thanks for the posts. BTW I've had a copy of Saturday Morning's Greatest hits for about a decade…It always on my playlist. Do you like the School House Rocks Rocks! & Boomerang cartoon songs too?

  6. jonderneathica says:

    The Toadies’ version of “Auf Wiedersehen” is wonderful. Love the voice and the bass break. Thank you, sir.

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