Dead Computers And Big Beats

My computer finally bit the big one today. It was the end of a long illness and its death should be celebrated as an end the suffering its endured for the past few years. Also, all my important stuff was backed up on an external hard drive, so it’s not the complete end of the world.

However, it does pose a problem since the laptop I am currently working on has no audio outputs for me to hook up my external soundcard, therefore making it impossible for me to currently record albums from my turntable. I could use the USB cable, but my limited experience with that is shit and I won’t subject my loyal fanbase to any more substandard recordings than I already have.

I should have enough stuff in my queue to sustain myself until I get a new computer and can resume the ripping. However as the well dries up things might get a little odd and obscure (even for me) so bare with me for the next few weeks.

Basement Jaxx
Jus Becuz
Slide Slide
Fly Life (“Brix” Mix)
Fly Life (Erick “More” Dub)
Fly Life (Roni Size “Flyzs” Mix)
I almost labeled these as Chemical Brothers tracks, that’s how discombobulated this whole computer situation has made me. Luckily I caught the grievous error in time. The first three of these tracks is from the creatively-titled EP 3, which also included the track “Fly Life.” I’m not including that track because it is easily available on the band’s singles collection. But speaking of “Fly Life” I also had the 12” single to that, which was released when the previously mentioned singles collection came out and that’s where those remixes originated.

Dust Brothers – The Fight Club Remixes
This Is Your Life
What Is Fight Club? (Wally Gagel Remix)
Finding The Bomb (CMG Remix)
Chemical Burn (Headshop Remix)
Who Is Tyler Durden? (Dust Remix)
Homework (Fitz Remix)
I totally forgot I had this. I found it when I was rebuilding my iTunes playlists. So I guess something good came out of the whole crash-and-burn computer thing. I’m fairly certain these remixes were never released on CD and were only available on a 12” that I picked up God knows when.

6 Responses to “Dead Computers And Big Beats”

  1. The Matt and Dan Show says:

    Really likin’ the Wally Gagel remix! Thank you for posting…what other gems did you find on your hard drive???

    Matt and Dan

  2. dork74 says:

    Thanks for the fight club tracks ! Movie changed my fucking life. Then it went back to normal 2 hours later.

  3. nikos Drogosis says:

    great posts.always.greetings from greece

  4. j says:

    only after disaster can we be resurrected
    it’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re
    free to do anything

    Means a lot. thank you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh please upload the fight club tracks again =)

  6. Broken says:

    Can you re-up the Fight Club remixes please?

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