New York Hipsters Destroy Google (!!!)

I get much love from the comments:

“There MIGHT be another post in a few hours. Don’t get your hopes up too much though.” FUCK. Do you really think that anyone cares about what you have to say? the only reason anyone goes to your blog is to download music for free.

How does one respond to such insightful criticism? List my site statistics that show my rapidly growing fanbase? Reprint letters and comments by people who thank me for my educational comments on audio recording, obscure music and vinyl collecting? Mention that this blog is linked by several high-profile music sites? What’s the point? Those are all intelligent and well-thought out repsosnes to a blind and poorly written nonsensical rant. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this current presidential election is that you can’t fight bullshit with rational thinking. I think the best thing I can do is ignore him since I refuse to sink to his level.

Besides, he’s just a little bitch. I should know, his mom told me last night (at least I think that’s what she said, her mouth was full).

Music (RHV Funkytown Club)
Music (RHV Funkytown Dub)
This is one of my weirder finds as of late. Occasionally Jerry will pick up a ton of records from a DJ. Sometimes they include a few oddball unmarked white-labels. I’ve found some excellent stuff this way, the highlight still being the unreleased remixes of Billy Idol’s cover of “Heroin” (much better than it sounds, trust me). More recently I unearthed these fairly good mixes of my favorite Madonna tune. The 12” doesn’t have any information on it other than a scribble of a DJ name I can’t make out, followed by “Madonna – Music” and a smiley face. The only reason I know the name of the remixes is because they’re etched into the groove.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Take Ecstasy With Me
Get Up
I have mixed feelings about this band, from their annoying name to their occasionally repetive and mind-numbing style. However, their decision to release an EP with a Magnetic Fields cover as the A-side and a Nate Dogg cover as the B-side is brilliant in ways I can only hope to one day achieve.

Crystal Method
You Know It’s Hard (Boris & Beck Sinister Vocal Mix)
You Know It’s Hard (Boris & Beck Sinister Dub)
You Know It’s Hard (Koma & Bones Gaping Axe Wound Remix)
The title to this song always makes me giggle. Oh please, like it surprises you that I’m that immature. These are from a 12” single.

17 Responses to “New York Hipsters Destroy Google (!!!)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    to give you some love in this cold world : I LIKE YOUR POSTS !
    they realy proofing my (slightly fragmentet…) english and every post i learn some unknown exotic terms for human bodyparts, which could be helpfull sometime. let`s say i`ll meat a friendly group of british skinheads, i`m shure i`ll find the right words before i ran my ass of.
    thanks for that and greetings from GERMANY

  2. franknben says:

    Hey, I started coming to your blog when I saw the asskicking stack of vinyl goodies you were posting. I bookmarked you because I expected you’d keep up the flow. After many months of visiting, I can honestly say that I go to your site more to read clear and hilarious commentary than to nick obscure tunes (but hell yeah, I’ll do that too, don’t stop!). You don’t just post links to music, or just spew poetry about new releases – you share tracks that you think are worth hearing. Like when friends get together at your house and you start talking music – you’re not going to play shit for them, you’re going to get out the best… along with the weirdest, and the most mind-blowingly awful tracks in your collection. I get the sense that there are a lot of mundane, mediocre songs you don’t bother to post, even though they may be from popular bands that would pull in more traffic. Please keep posting music that means something to you, so it can mean something to us. And thanks.

  3. Omega015 says:

    hi!!!, im wondering if you can upload one more time the smashing pumpkins remixes, i have been looking for them, but i havent found them, in the other hand i like very much your blog, it has a lot of awesome stuff.
    greetings from mexico city

  4. Chiko Chevere says:

    RHV = Richard Humpty Vission. Cool!

    Thanks, for this and everything, always.

    Have you ever posted those “Heroin” mixes? Love me some heroin. The drug, not the song. OK, the song too.

  5. dork74 says:

    Dude fuck that asshat ! I told you before how I totally appreciate what you do . If not for you my mp3 player would toally suck donkey balls. Your site and your commentary are the greatest ! Thanks !!!

  6. dork74 says:

    By the way I totally dug “Get Up” Im blasting that right now as I type this and my neighbors are bitching up a storm !! haha ! fuck them !!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Get This – SNOOD rarely ever Downloads any of the tunes on your site, but I do love reading your Blog. You have made me laugh and spit my beer out a few times.

    Please keep it up. I will bill you for the wasted beer later though.



  8. beketaten says:

    I’m more surprised you didn’t comment on the title of the “Gaping Axewound” mix XD

    Also: I love you and your sarcasm, and whoever mistook said sarcasm for self-centredness really needs to be shot for not having any sense of humour at all.

  9. -JohnB says:

    Keep up the great work! Thanks TLT!!

  10. setphx says:

    I have to admit the first time visting your blog I thought your humor was a bit odd- but F*ck you have some insightful shit that makes me laugh! Occasionally I’ll pick up some of the free shit you shell out- but the commentary is worth the continued visits! Keep up the great work!
    DJ VYL

  11. core says:

    This site is dope and has so many gems its crazy. Much love for your work and time rippin these. And thans for not just postin a bunch of random tracks without any insight as to what they ofer.

    Corpus Chisti, TX

  12. Anonymous says:

    I would love to hear those Billy Idol remixes of Heroin.
    Oh and i’d like you to know that everytime i am at a concert i have to remember your posts about ”the other” people there….
    Cracked me right up, those posts,

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  13. Jason says:

    “You Know Its Hard” was actually titled “Murder” but good ol’ post-9/11 PC media stuff made them change it.

  14. timothyjlambert says:

    I live in Houston and I can assure you that one of the first things I did when the power and cable access came back up was come here to see what sardonic sayings you’d posted while I was “hunkering down” and hiding from hurricane Ike. Your blog rocks. Fuck the fucking fucker.

  15. trevorwhatever says:

    in regards to :

    ‘”There MIGHT be another post in a few hours. Don’t get your hopes up too much though.” FUCK. Do you really think that anyone cares about what you have to say? the only reason anyone goes to your blog is to download music for free.’

    You hardly avoid sinking to his level when you start bragging and engaging in ‘yo mama’ cusses with the words of someone you don’t know. What’s that? His/Her response is perfectly valid, you having put your words in the public domain. Don’t take it personally. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
    Just keep on doing what you enjoy.

  16. You suck says:

    I think you need a T in there, It's D E S T R O Y homey.

  17. The Lost Turntable says:

    Thanks for finding a typo to a year old post. You get a cookie.

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