The Revolution Will Be Taped

Everyone have a good 4th of July celebrating our rapidly deteorating freedoms that we take for granted every other day of the year?

Was that a little harsh? Okay…um…aren’t fireworks neat?!?!

Eddy Grant
Electric Avenue (12” Version)
Time Warp
When I first moved to Pittsburgh I needed a job really bad. One day I saw an ad for a clerk in an adult video store out in East Pittsburgh. I wanted to check it out because it was a third shift job and it was probably easy enough so I could write at work. I got lost on the way there and gave up when I realized how far away it was from my house. The night point of that trip though was finding out that there’s an Electric Avenue in Pittsburgh. Not only that, it intersects with Dynamo Way. That’s fucking awesome. The 12” version of “Electric Avenue” is about two minutes longer, and those two minutes are mostly Eddy Grant just saying “Oh!” which is fine by me. “Time Warp” is a very odd instrumental tune that I don’t think ever made it to an album.

X-Press 2
Lazy (Norman Cook Dub)
Lazy (Norman Cook Remix)
Lazy (Peace Division Dub)
What a shitty band name. X-Press 2 is a trio of European DJs who hit it big on the club scene with the occasional single before releasing their first album Muzikizum in 2001. I know nothing of it other than the fact that it has this song on it. And the only reason I know that is because this song features David Byrne on vocals, so I had to own it. I got these remixes from a 12” single and they have the occasional poppy noise. The Norman Cook Remix sounds like it’s skipping at the beginning, but it’s not, that’s how it’s supposed to sound. Interesting side note: David Byrne is now collaborating with on the remixers of this track, Norman Cook (AKA Fatboy Slim) on a new project called The Brighton Port Authority. They have a video out and it is AMAZING.

Information Society
Peace And Love Incorporated (Passion Mix)
Peace And Love Incorporated (Passion Dub)
Peace And Love Incorporated (Radio Remix)
Peace And Love Incorporated (Disco Mosh Pit Mix)
To The City
Best 80s synthpop band named after a 1984 reference. These tracks are from a 12” single. “To The City” is a b-side that, as far as I know, has yet to appear on anything else – which is a shame because it is a totally awesome house track. It is not a cover of the Joe Walsh song of the same name, which is most unfortunate because that would have been sweet. “Peace And Love” is such a great song and really shows that their shit is much more than just silly dance music (although they do that really well too). More InSoc later.

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  1. Dave The Ox says:

    Sorry to inform you but To The City is on the Peace and Love Inc. album too. Still a great track though. You’ve heard their track Strength, right? Best track from that era that never made an album and for no good reason I can think of either. But wait, who am I talking to here? I’m sure you’ve heard it and I’m sure I’m gonna get a snarky comment back about it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Why do you think I keep coming back? Keep up the good work! By the way, if you want some Prince stuff just respond and I’d be happy to hook you up with whatever you’re looking for and then some. I’ve got TONS of unreleased Prince, much of which is better than the released stuff.

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