Saturday Morning Turntable

I interviewed Girl Talk. He’s awesome. The interview is awesome. For good measure let’s say I’m awesome too. Go read it and tell all your friends to read it as well. Then you might be awesome too.

Now let’s all celebrate our new awesomeness by listening to music from cartoons (and cartoon-related media)

Partners In Kryme
Turtle Power
I vividly remember seeing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie in the theaters. I was 10 years old and in fifth grade at the time. My dad owned a video store and someone hooked him up with passes to a sneak preview of the movie a day before its release. Him and me, along with about four of my friends went. The place was freakin’ packed full of screaming kids and very confused parents. We all thought the movie was amazing (of course) and the next day I was the coolest motherfucker in 5th grade because I had seen the movie before anyone else in my class. Up until high school I was pretty hardcore into the TMNT, and I still have a Casey Jones action figure, he protects me from evil ninjas. I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the CGI movie from last year, but I hear it was actually pretty good so I might get around to it sometime.

I don’t remember owning the soundtrack to the first movie, although I’m pretty sure my next-door neighbor did and we used to rock out to it after school before Duck Tales came on. This track was a big hit single, but in retrospect it probably was not the best career move for the rapping duo known as Partners In Kryme, as they were never heard from again.

Orchestra On The Half Shell
Splinter’s Rap I
Splinter’s Rap II
These two tracks are the origin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as told by the all-powerful rat sensei Splinter. Apparently these monologues are different than the versions in the film – but I’m not going to dig out my VHS tape to compare, I’ll just take Wikipedia’s word for it. These tracks and the Partners In Kryme number were all taken from the 12” single for Turtle Power.

Super Secret City Of Soundville Song Extended (Remixed By Ursula 1000)
The Powerpuff Girls came out when I was in college, and not being a big pot smoker I was never hugely into them or anything else on the Cartoon Network at the time. I got into it later though (the show, not the pot) thanks a very easy schedule my senior year that gave me a lot of TV time. I’ve always thought Mojo Jojo should have had his own series. I got this nifty neato keen 12” single (and it’s pink!)

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  1. John Fink says:

    Hey! It is indeed awesome! Thanks for posting it – a great read.

  2. savagcorp says:

    Oh man .. that Splinter Rap P1 is AMAZING !!! Great find.

  3. Ctelblog says:

    Read it, enjoyed it. Sad to find I was not awesome in the aftermath.

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