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After managing to maintain some sort of focus for a week and put up nothing but soundtracks my ADD has returned and I am once again just posting some random crap that I recently bought.

BT & Tori Amos
Blue Skies (Paul van Dyk’s Blauer Himmel Mix)
Blue Skies (Deep Dish Blue Phunk Mix)
Blue Skies (Paul van Dyk’s Erinern Mix)
Blue Skies (Deep Dish Blue Phunk Dub)
Tori Amos and BT on one track? This is some 90s shit right here. BT frustrates the fuck out of me. One second he’s recording a brilliant track like “Blue Skies” or the haunting score to Monster, and the next he’s recording something utterly retarded like “Somnambulist” (and what the fuck does that mean anyways). Meh, I guess you gotta pay the bills anyway you can. These great remixes are from a 12” single.

Spandau Ballet
Round And Round (The Long Version)
True (Live Version)
Gold (Live Version)
My three favorite Spandau Ballet tracks all on one magical 12” single! The live versions are pretty good, and listen to the crowd reaction when the band starts up “True” it’s five billion teenage girl’s exploding at once. I previously criticized Spandau Ballet’s categorization as a soul band, but I think “Round And Round” accurately fits that category. I guess they’re as soul as a bunch of 20 something white British kids from the 80s could be. If The Everly Brothers were “blue-eyed soul” and Bowie did “Plastic Soul” then Spandau Ballet was “plastic blue eyed soul.”

Local Boy
Thriller medly with Owner Of A Lonely Heart
I’m a huge fan of mash-up/bootleg/bastard pop mixes and I’m always on a quest to find early examples of the semi-illegitimate genre. This 1984 track from a DJ promo 12” has to be one of the earliest. The vocals from “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” fit perfectly over the Michael Jackson track, it’s creepy. I don’t know who Local Boy is and if he/she/they ever did anything else, but this track hits the jackpot. I apologize for the early scratches, this vinyl looks like someone took a brillo pad covered in asbestos to it.

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  1. Ctelblog says:

    Somnambulist = sleep walker

  2. Hallway Of Memories says:

    Just wanted to say what a huge fan I am of your blog. I think you would enjoy my blog as well


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