Goodbye Leppards

I have a request.

I am a big Def Leppard fan and I want to buy their new album but the whole Tim McGraw thing is really getting to me, especially since I like the track with him…except when he opens his cowboy hat, lower-class pandering mouth.

I did learn however, that on the Japanese release of their new CD there is a bonus track which is “Nine Lives” without that country cocksucker.

If anyone can get me a copy of that track I would be eternally grateful and be in your debt. Anyone who gets me that one song would be on the positive end on of the most lopsided trade in MP3 history, as I’ll give you nearly as much as you want from my collection.

EDIT 05/03: I’ll explain this again since some people can’t figure it out. I am looking for the version of Nine Lives WITHOUT Tim McGraw. It’s only on the Japanese version of the album. Get It? I’ve already had two people send me the regular version of the song with Tim McGraw thinking they were hot shit.


And if you get it, email me (it’s on the side) don’t put it in the comments.

Q Lazzarus

Goodbye Horses
My full-on for GTA continues with this post of the one of the greatest tracks that nearly everyone has heard but almost no one knows anything about. I’m sure most people that visit this blog know this tune. First it was featured in “Silence Of The Lambs” during the infamous tucking scene, and then it reappeared a short time later in Married To The Mob and a long time later in Clerks 2, being used in a scene that parodies The Silence Of The Lambs. Now it’s reappeared once again in GTAIV on the classic rock station (which features Iggy Pop as a DJ – ‘natch.) Despite all of this Q Lazzarus has vanished into obscurity. She never even released an album. Someone should track that chick down.

On a related note, electronic-rock band Psyche does a great cover of it.

Boy George
The Crying Game (Digitfunky String Mix)
The Crying Game (Third Floor Trance Mix)
The Crying Game (DJ EFX’s Tribal as a Mofo Mix)
From a sound in a movie about a psycho killer who wants to be a transsexual to a song from a movie about an actual transsexual…performed by a…um….Boy George (I’m hesitant to label him as anything). These remixes are from a 12” single and occasionally get a little scratchy. I cleaned them as best I could. The remix titles are shockingly accurate by the way. The String Mix has strings, The Trance Mix is very trance-like and the Tribal as a Mofo Mix is…Tribal as a Mofo.

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  1. beketaten says:

    Dude…Apparently there is one other Q Lazzarus song out there called “White Lines” or something…I am determined to hear it, yet cannot find it anywhere.
    I don’t suppose you know of it either, or you’d have it up here!

    The search continues…

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