Turntable Question

Anyone have an Ion USB Turntable? My Numark is mucking up lately and I’m thinking about buying one…comments?

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  1. Jason Fist says:

    Yeah I’ve got one, and I’m really pleased with it.

    The only problem I have as when recording with Amadeus Pro, which starts giving off a strange crackling noise after a while. I thought this was due to static, but closing a reopening the app seems to stop it.

    As for the sound quality, I think it’s good, and it’s ultra-simple to use.

    Plus, the turntable’s not very dear…

  2. Burning Blue Soul says:

    I just bought a Gem Sound DJ-USB from SIx Star DJ in LA (they have amazing deals on their web sites each week). It cost $99 from them, and everywheere else was $150 and up. It is a belt drive, but it is a heavy duty belt. Excellent quiet motor, and comes with Bias SoundSoap as well as the usual Audacity. Unlike the Numark you can remove the RCA cables if you wish. I like it a lot. I thought about the more expensive hardcore DJ tables that were USB adaptable, like the Stanton T.90 and the higher end NuMark –both direct drive, but couldn’t justify the price–$225 to over $300 for what I was going to use it for–ripping LPs to mp3 and CD. I love mine and did a lot of research before I bought it. Feel free to email me off your blog if you have any questions. I have checked the “receive follow-up comments” box. You have a nice blog too! Thanks for your hard work.

  3. Ktel Jenkins says:

    I noticed a frequency hum through the USB of the device, and ended up [barely] using it with a set of RCAs and another audio I/O for the computer. FYI

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