Lovely Crackheads Of Detroit

I’m mostly over the flu now. Still feels like a mucus-heavy slug is trying to ooze its way out of my nasal cavity (how’s that for a mental picture?) but other than that I’m feeling quite lovely – and when I’m not that’s why I have Sudafed and Nyquil.

This past weekend I traveled to the Mad Max Wasteland that is Detroit to see The Foo Fighters. I’ve seen the Foos once before and while they impressed me then they totally floored my ass this time. Dave Grohl’s stage presence and commitment to entertaining his audience is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. He reminds me of Jason Lee in Almost Famous when yells “I work just as hard or harder than anybody on that stage. You know what I do? I connect. I get people off. I look for the guy who isn’t getting off, and I make him get off!”

Dave Grohl should have business cards made that say: “Dave Grohl: Gets People Off”.

That mother runs around the stage like a psycho on meth, screams at the top of his lungs and delivers guitar solos that melt faces. He makes sure that everyone seeing him leaves the arena higher than any drug could make them.

Unfortunately he made us all high as a kite right when we had to drive right into Detroit traffic which was made even worse by massive lane closures. So he basically gave us a bunch of sugar and told us to wait in line.

It was a very long trip home.

Crowded House
World Where You Live (Extended Version)
My favortie Crowded House song. It’s a beautiful song, but is it just me or he really just saying “That’s guy’s a douchebag” in a really creative way for four minutes? This extended version is only about a minute longer than the regular one and I grabbed it off of the 12” single.

The Clash
Do It Now
Sex Mad Roar
Everyone hates Cut The Crap but…well, nevermind I can’t figure out a way to end that sentence. It’s a pretty shitty album all around. However the single “This Is London” was actually pretty good and these b-sides to it aren’t bad either. These songs are also available on that massive singles box sex The Clash put out a year or two ago.

Love’s Great Adventure (Extended Version)
White China (Live)
This is latter-day “oh my god aren’t synthesizers awesome?” Ultravox, not early-on “let’s be avant-garde as a motherfucker” Ultravox. Your enjoyment of these B-sides will probably be dependent on your tolerance of “Vienna.”

So In Love (American Dance Remix)
I wanted to read up on OMD at Allmusic but it took me a bit because I had to search for “Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark” and not OMD and since I can’t spell for shit it took a bit. This is off a 12” single that was fucked up so instead of having various mixes of this tune (like the label said) it really just had this track on it three times over. Very annoying.

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  1. Ben Etc says:

    Haha at your standing up for Cut the Crap and then calling the single “This is London”? You mean “This Is England” – which is one of my guilty pleasure records too. And I think it was how as much Clash as was available in Singapore so we had a wacky idea of why they were considered so amazing. It’s like how Dylan was the guy who sang ‘There’s a choice we’re making…’ in ‘We Are the World’.

    Nice blog. New to all this. Hope my net etiquette is ok.

    Ben in Singapore

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