David Bowie Killed My Blog

Everything is back to normal for now. That response to that last post was huge and I got more hits in 24 hours then I ever have before. What pushed it over the top was a link from an Italian David Bowie fansite. Who knew?

Anyways, I just purchased some web hosting space tonight and I’ll by trying it out with my next post. The amount of transfer space I get is vast improvement, well just see how reliable they are.

Until then here’s some more Bowie.

In the late 80s Rykodisc got the rights to Bowie’s catalog and re-released nearly everything he had put out at that point in new editions with bonus tracks. When EMI (I think that’s who it is now) got the rights to release Bowie’s CDs they took out all those special tracks, so if you have a Rykodisc release of a Bowie album consider yourself lucky. Aside from checking for the Rykodisc label on the case, you can tell if it is a Rykodisc release if the case itself is tinged green, that’s their thing. Here are the bonus tracks from the few Rykodisc releases I have, separated by the album they appeared on.

I Pray Ole
Look Back In Anger (1988 Version)

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
Space Oddity (Acoustic Version)
Panic In Detroit (this is the same version that’s on the bonus disc of Heathen – I used the file from that album for complex technical reasons, but it’s the same song I promise).
Alabama Song (yes, it’s the “whiskey bar” song)
Crystal Japan

Station To Station
Word On A Wing (Live)
Stay (Live)

5 Responses to “David Bowie Killed My Blog”

  1. wardo says:

    Good stuff — thanks for sharing! (Don’t suppose you have that acoustic version of Dead Man Walking from the Conan O’Brien show….?)

  2. rick's says:

    Thank you. Station to Station is the one Bowie album I don’t have the Rykodisc version of.

  3. Ninja/Slice says:

    Crystal Japan the song Trent Reznor stole! I swear NIN’s A Warm Place is a cover of this, am I taking crazy pills or do you all agree also?!?!?!? Listen to them back to back and let me know I am sane.

    And dude this blog is awesome I have been into it for the last year or so and don’t think I took the time to tell u, u rock. You school me in new stuff and help me find old school stuff like this, it’s so hard to find these Bowie reissues, I use to have them all, but I treat cds bad and they all got scratched!

  4. Cygnet Committee says:

    These are really good ones. I have them on Rykodisc too. The 1988 version of Look Back In Anger is one of my personal faves and tops the original version – me thinks. A truly awesome version.

  5. Kenny says:

    thanks for all the bowie content. I just found it and it is surely appreciated.

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