Post Got Back

Haven’t posted in a week or so, but I think this one makes up for the downtime…

Sir Mix-A-Lot
Baby Got Back (Tekno-Metal Club Mix)
Baby Got Back (Hard B.W.B. Hip Hop Mix)
Baby Got Back (Hurricane Mix)
Baby Got Back (Instrumental)
Cake Boy
You Can’t Slip

That’s right motherfuckers, four different versions of ‘Baby Got Back’! This is totally the best blog post in the history of MP3 blog posts.

Almost transforming the classic into an entirely different tune is the next remix, which is strangely dubbed the Tekno-Metal Club Mix). “I Like Big Butts” doesn’t drop until about two minutes into the mix, and the vocals are almost drowned out by an insane bassline that would sound at home on a Prodigy record. In fact, I think there are some samples used in this mix that were used later on for a Prodigy song (the moan in the background sounds very familiar, but I can’t place it).

The Hard B.W.B. Hip Hop Mix is even weirder than the Tekno-Metal mix. Mix-A-Lot’s vocals are put through a distortion effect to make it sound like he’s rapping out of a megaphone, and the same insane beat from the previous mix remains dominant. Added to the mix are even more crazy-ass sound effects and beats that nearly turn the tune into a drum-and-bass tune.

Finally there is the Hurricane Mix, which brings things back to normal with some heavy scratching effects. Out of the three mixes it’s the one that is most like the original and it’s a high-energy take on an already high-energy song and belongs on everyone’s workout mixtape. The instrumental cut sound be a gift from heaven to any bootleg mixers out there.

The last two tracks are B-sides that never appeared on any proper Mix-A-Lot album as far as I can tell, although a lot of people I talked to knew of ‘Cake Boy’ so maybe that popped up somewhere. Proving that Mix-A-Lot was really a prophet years ahead of his time, ‘Cake Boy’ is a warning to all the hardcore boys out there that they have to watch out for the effeminate men out there that only act gay – see, Mix-A-Lot called out the Metrosexuals years before Queer Eye made them the shit. ‘You Can’t Slip’ isn’t as interesting, and is just another “fucking up motherfuckers and pimps” gangsta rap tune. Belongs on a B-side.

If I could only find 12” singles for ‘Buttermilk Biscuit’ and ‘Posse On Broadway’ I’d be in late-80s rap heaven.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey thanks for these! actually cake boy was on the cassette single of baby got back, ive got in a pile of old cassettes in the garage lol!

  2. Mr. Satan A. Chilles says:

    Spectacular post, post of the year.

    ‘Red beans and rice didn’t miss her’ is one of my favorite lyrics, ever. Thanks for the extra helpings!

  3. Anonymous says:


    my posse’s on broadway.

    “Larry is the white guy, people think he’s funny. A real estate investor who makes a lot of money.”

    Daaannnnnng. I wish I had that 12″ too.

    Thanks for this post!

  4. ross says:

    wheres the download link?
    can you please re-up this?
    or please email me the files individually or all in a zip or rar file at
    thanks sooo much!!

  5. nubi says:

    hey im with ross cant find the d/l links. could u email them to cheers x

  6. Destrukto says:

    hey dude, i know this is an OLD post, but i would LOVE to get these mixes, do you have any links for me? you can mail them to:

  7. C-Fresh says:

    Same here. I would greatly appreciate a link or email at
    thanks again

  8. Anonymous says:

    What do you guys think this is, a pizza restaurant or something? 🙂

    spoiled brats

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