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Okay, I can finally get back into a groove with updating for now. This is my short time of relaxation before I have to jump head first into my big move into a big house of my very own (so excited)! As a thank you to all of those who read my long angry rants from the past few days, here’s some great stuff. And for those of you who skipped them (and you know who you are) I guess you can enjoy these tracks as well (fuckers).

John Coooper Clarke – Walking Back To Happiness
Gaberdine Angus
Bronze Adonis
Split Beans
Who Stole The Marble Index?
Gimmix Play Loud
John Cooper Clarke is my new obsession. As a large American misanthropic asshole, I find myself enjoying the rants and raves of this little British misanthropic asshole more and more as the days go by. I discovered Clarke through Urgh! and didn’t think much of him at the time. But a few months ago I stumbled upon this video for his poem ‘Chickentown’ (which was supposedly in an episode of The Sopranos not too long ago) and I became hooked. Does anyone know if this guy ever makes appearances in the states?

These tracks are from a clear 10” called Walking Back To Happiness that was originally released in 1979. It’s a live performance and I don’t think most of it has ever been released on CD. Many of the cuts on itare available in studio form on other albums, but poetry and spoken word performances always sound better live in my opinion.

If you only download one of these, make sure it’s ‘Twat’. Not only is the title one of my all-time favorite swear words, it’s also the best dis track in the history of recorded performances. Rappers could learn a lot from this one.

Big Audio
Looking For A Song (Extended Album Mix)
Looking For A Song (Zonka’s Adventures In Space)
Looking For A Song (Zonka/Shapps Early Mix)
Looking For A Song (The Zonka/Shapps Remix)
The popular consensus that by the time Big Audio Dynamite I/II became Big Audio in the mid-90s they had lost much of the excitement and energy that made them such a revolutionary band in the 80s. I can’t say much about it, as the last album I own by the Mick Jones-led group is Globe, but if this song is any indication I think that the popular consensus needs to be reexamined. This immensely catchy song about…writing an immensely catchy song is a great upbeat number that is not only about finding inspiration to write music, but the inspiration that music can give you. I nominate it as the theme song to The Lost Turntable.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice John Cooper Clarke post… I also reccommend “You’ll never see a nipple in the Daily Express”, one of his early cuts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanx for the JCC stuff. I’ve been looking for Gimmix in particular for ages ‘…teasmades, cushions that fart, the Lord of the Rings…’ genius. His Snap, Crackle & Bop is one of the great LPs of all time. I don’t think he plays anywhere much these days tho I did see him (twice) last year, supporting The Fall- unfortunately, I couldn’t hear him at all either gig. I think he left Manchester and was living in Colchester (arse end of beyond). I saw him 10 years ago in a room above a pub and he was fucking brilliant. Looked exactly the same, too. Hope you get to see him one day. Thanx again. Peter

  3. Anonymous says:

    check out BBC6 website for a recent gig with new material – thanks for this rare stuff and you’re absolutely right about TWAT

  4. Anonymous says:

    update yer feckin’ blog mate. 😛

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