I Hope You Don’t Screw Like You Type

I scored a massively massive crate of 12” singles, rare soundtracks and all-around awesomeness this week. Many favorites of Lost Turntable will be making return appearances in the coming weeks, so keep checking in. Hopefully I’ll get most of them recorded before I have to make a week long trip to the wasteland that is Toledo, Ohio.

Luscious Jackson
Under Your Skin (Under Your Skank)
Naked Eye (Muscle Shock Remix Instrumental)
These are the last two remixes off of that promo single I’ve been posting tracks off of all week. I think ‘Under Your Skank’ wins my vote as the best remix title of all time that isn’t an Erasure song. No one can compete with remix titles like ‘No Panties Mix’, ‘Orbital Southsea Isle Of Holy Beats Mix’ and ‘Truly In Love With The Marx. Bros Mix.’

Soul Hooligan
Algebra (Dan The Automator Remix)
Algebra (Mr. Breaker & The Technician’s Remix)
I have no idea who Soul Hooligan is, but I buy anything with Dan The Automator’s name on it. These two remixes are off of a 12” promo are great indie-rap tunes.

Goldie (feat. KRS One)
Digital (V.I.P Mix)
Digital (Boymerang Mix)
Digital (Armand Van Helden’s Speed Garage Mix)
10-year-old Garage/drum-n-bass remixes about digital technology. Sounds like something the kids in the movie Hackers would ‘hack the planet’ to. Still good though. ‘Boymerang Mix’ gets my vote for one of the worst remix names of all time, sounds like some strange gay porno involving Aborigine hunting tools.

4 Responses to “I Hope You Don’t Screw Like You Type”

  1. keith says:

    ah, boymerang. haven’t heard that name in years. good producer, horrible name.

  2. Josh says:

    Boymerang is an AKA of Graham Sutton, of the much better band Bark Psychosis. He should have stuck to post-rock and never gone down that icky junglist sideline.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That Naked Eye (Muscle Shock Remix Instrumental) is actually one of my favorite Lucious remixes….really digging your page – it’s like my cassette tape collection from 1991. Yes, damn it, I said CASSETTE TAPE !

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you ever feel like doin some reposts, I’d love to hear those Luscious Jackson mixes (the Howie B muscle shock ones). Big fan of both of ’em, and only just found out he mixed LJ at all…

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