My Wife And Kids Are All In Jail

Let’s get into it. Tonight I got some alt-rock girl band dance music, gay British synthpop and pseudo-gay British synthpop! If anyone out there is looking for some tracks for a totally radical dance mixtape then they came to the right blog tonight.

Luscious Jackson
Under Your Skin (Aquatic Mix)
Naked Eye (Muscle Shock Remix)
More remixes from that 12” promo that I started putting stuff up from last week. I have two more that I’ll get to next time.

Pet Shop Boys
Love Comes Quickly (Dance Mix)
That’s My Impression (Disco Mix)
Calling a remix of a Pet Shop Boys song a ‘dance mix’ or a ‘disco mix’ is pretty damn redundant. It’s not like the original versions of either of these songs were hardcore techno or heavy metal. These are off of the 12” single for ‘Love Comes Quickly’.

Cold Life
I’m Falling
Al Jourgensen (the frontman of Ministry) would like you to believe that he’s a hardcore motherfucker. That’s probably why he doesn’t like it when people bring up his first few records. While the majority of his work is hardcore, guitar-laden industrial bad-ass shit, his first few records have more in common with Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys than anything by Nitzer Ebb or Skinny Puppy. He blames his record label for pressuring him into releasing a more pop-friendly album and I might be willing to believe that if he hadn’t have adopted a fake British accent for many of these songs! Anyways, Jourgenson probably wishes these tracks from his very first single didn’t ever see the light of day, but I feel the same way about Rio Grande Blood so let’s just call it even.

4 Responses to “My Wife And Kids Are All In Jail”

  1. Drain says:

    i’m pretty sure jourgenson has no issue with the stuff before or after “with sympathy” as some of it did end up on the “early trax” cd released a year or so ago.

    i think it’s “with sympathy” he can’t stand. don’t know why, it’s pretty good. but i do like his story about selling out in reverse hehe.

  2. Josh says:

    I still rock the old Ministry 12″s when I’m spinning down at the hipster clubs. Most of those chodes can’t tell the difference between Primental and some Liquid Liquid. They’ll dance to anything they think comes from New York.

  3. BigJB says:

    damn, I just remembered that I have this 12 inch….geez!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Heya … feel like re-upping Primental please ? Seems like I bought the wrong Cold life 12″ (white sleeve instead of red & yellow) back in 1985 …

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