Let’s Get Crazy

Wow, more constructive criticism from Pitchfork about how much Jet sucks! At least they found a video that wasn’t older than the internet this time. It’s nice to see that jokes about piss-drinking and primates are enjoyed by more than just junior high kids.

Stupid Wankers.

Get Crazy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

If you know this movie then you either worked at a video store or watched way too much late night TV in the late-80s. If you want to know anything about it check out this review from The Unknown Movies, a great site covering movies that have fallen through the cracks over the years. This is an odd soundtrack, not every track is a winner but it’s full of obscure tracks by some great artists as well as a punk-rocker turned casting director.

Sparks – Get Crazy
Sparks Rocks. This version of the title track to the film has never been put out on CD though, although an alternate take of it is available on the import rarities compilation entitled The Hell Collection.

Lori Eastside & Nada – You Can’t Make Me
The best new-wave song sung by a casting director you’ll ever hear.

The Ramones – Chop Suey
Of no relation to the System Of A Down song of the same name. This appeared as a bonus track to Pleasant Dreams when it was re-released as a deluxe CD.

Marshall Crenshaw – It’s Only A Movie (AKA But, But)
Crenshaw has his die-hard fans but I’m not one of them. I have nothing against the dude I just don’t know much about him. This is a nice song and was never put on any Crenshaw CD as far as I can tell.

Lou Reed – Little Sister
How the hell did he show up on this one? This track was on a box set as well but as Lou Reed tracks go it’s pretty rare. Not bad too, a little odd for Lou.

Lori Eastside & Nada -I’m Not Gonna Take It
The second-best new-wave song sung by a casting director you’ll ever hear.

Malcolm McDowell – Hot Shot
Yes, that Malcolm McDowell. He’s channeling his inner Jagger here and doing an alright job.

Bill Henderson – The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock & Roll
I have no idea who this is, pretty decent song though.

Fear – Hoochie Coochie Man
What the fuck? The real crazy thing is that this isn’t even the strangest cover Fear ever did – their take on ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’ is just wrong. I don’t think this cover has ever appeared on CD.

Michael Boddicker/Howard Kaylan & Cast – Starscape/Auld Lang Syne
The last two tracks of the album are mixed together so I made them one. Michael Boddicker is a session musician that played on a lot of the tracks for this record and worked with Michael Jackson when he was still black. Howard Kaylan was in The Turtles and was the Ed of Flo & Eddie. Neither of these songs were ever released anywhere else.

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  1. girl across the sea says:

    Hi and thank you again for some awesome music

    Regarding Bill Henderson…if you are familiar with Canadian rock bands he was with Chilliwack. They had a hit song Crazy Talk and few hits in the 80’s….My Girl (Gone Gone Gone) I Believe and Whatcha Gonna Do. Those songs all did well on charts. Since all that he’s worked with many other Canadian bands mostly as engineer/producer and a stint with Sesame Street

    Thanks again

  2. glaeser says:

    I LOVE this movie!! It was the follow up to Rock & Roll High School, I’m Pretty sure. My favorite scene is when all the “Blind” Musicians are leaving the Funeral. Lou reed is Hilarious in this film as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    HI. is there any chance you could re-post this soundtrack (“Get Crazy”). i remember this movie from my courting days (many years ago)and it would bring back great memmories for both myself and my wife. btw – congratulations on building a great and very informative blogspot.
    Thanks Ronnie

  4. Anonymous says:

    I've been searching for this soundtrack for ages and thought I finally found it…but the link is missing !… Could you please re-post it. That would be wonderful
    Thank you.

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