Space Cowboys and O.J. Simpson

Two more Jerry Goldsmith scores tonight. Both of these movies not only featured scores by Goldsmith, but both were also directed by Peter Hyams and while I haven’t seen either, both seem awesomely awful.

Outland Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Okay, so this movie is about a small mining town being overrun by drug smugglers. Sound boring? Well, did I mention it’s the mining town is in space?!? Oh, and the Marshal trying to stop the drugs is played by Sean Connery!?! And that the head smuggler is Peter Boyle?!? And I’ve never seen this movie because?

Capricorn One Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
When NASA discovers their impending mission to Mars is doomed to fail, they fake it and force the astronauts to comply in the hoax. The astronauts escape and try to alert people of the truth, at which point mysterious government agents start gunning them down. If the plot of this flick wasn’t weird enough, the cast is even more out there, with James Brolin, Sam Waterson and OJ Simpson(!!) starring as the astronauts. Elliot Gould and Telly Savalas also star in the film as a reporter and crop duster (that’s right Kojak is a crop duster) in on the conspiracy. That’s the best/worst cast ever.

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  1. dan k. says:

    I would have to disagree on your “best/worst cast” choice. That honor must go to my personal favourite..”The Devil’s Rain” starring William Shatner, Tom Skerritt, Ernest Borgnine, Eddie Albert, a young John Travolta, and the high preist of the church of satan himself, ANTON LAVEY!

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