The Big Depeche Mode Post

I’m so excited over the mass-stupidity that this Aqua Teen Hunger Force hubbub has caused that I want to contribute. I’m thinking of making graffitti tags that say “this is a BOMB” and tagging billboards just to see how stupid people can be. I’m a stinker like that. Now onto the tunage.

Depeche Mode

Behind The Wheel (Extended Remix)
Behind The Wheel (Beatmasters Mix)
Behind The Wheel/Route 66 (Megamix)
Behind The Wheel/Route 66 (Megadub)
Enjoy The Silence (The Quad: Final Mix)
Enjoy The Silence (Ecstatic Dub)
Enjoy The Silence (Bass Line Mix)
Enjoy The Silence (Hands And Feet Mix)
Holy crap that’s a lot of Depeche Mode. All of these are off of two promo singles I picked up last week. Enjoy The Silence is my second favorite Depeche Mode song (right behind ‘Never Let Me Down Again’) and some of these remixes are amazing. A couple of these suckers are LONG though and if you listen to all of them in one sitting you might want to slit your wrists. Memphisto (that’s how they spelled it) is the B-side. I’m not a big fan of ‘Behind The Wheel’ but the remixes that include the band’s amazingly odd take of ‘Route 66’ are radical (yes, I said radical – suck it).

Oingo Boingo
Weird Science (Extended Remix)
Yeah, it’s not a Depeche Mode song but I don’t think any of you will care right?

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