Hurdy Gurdy Legs

Okay, this post is kind of random and odd. And unless you are die-hard BH Surfers fan or Tears For Fears fanatic it’s probably not your thing. School’s a mother, so I didn’t have time to finish up some big finds I scored last weekend. You’ll see them soon.

Butthole Surfers
The Hurdy Gurdy Man (Jim Melly Re-Mix)
I don’t think I ever have to do acid now, this song has to be the equivalent. I never knew this was a cover until about a year ago, how sad is that? I’ve been a longtime fan of the Butthole Surfers though, I dig their crazy old shit and even their more mainstream stuff like ‘Dracula From Houston.’ Word is they’re working on a new album, can’t wait to hear what that’ll sound like. I just know I won’t listen to it while driving, that’s probably illegal. This is the B-side to a 12” single.

ZZ Top
Legs (Special Dance Remix)
When I was a kid I wanted the ZZ Top car to come and save me from Gym class, never happened.

Dead Or Alive
Spin Me Round (Murder Mix)
If this guy would’ve showed up to take me from gym class I probably would never leave the gymnasium.

Tears For Fears
Mothers Talk (Beat Of The Drum Mix)
Mothers Talk (Long Version)
The ‘Beat Of The Drum Mix’ is mighty odd. ‘Mothers Talk’ always kind of struck me as a serious song, not one that required a break-down that featured a random James Brown sample. To each his own I guess.

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  1. Classic says:

    _The Tears for Fears ‘Drum’ mix was cool. Love the Galaga samples and thrown-in acting dialog bits early on. Though, at 9:00 length, it does linger on a bit afterwards with the repeated James Brown stuff.

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