Lee Marvin could kill me.

More random soundtracks. I’ll have more 80s stuff (as well as answers to a few questions people left me in my comments) in a day or so. Just a reminder, if you use Internet Explorer you need to RIGHT CLICK on these files and save them as zips, or just rename the extensions after you download them. This only happens in IE as far as I know (and no one knows why).

Sex, Lies & Videotape
This is a really great out-there soundtrack that has somehow fallen out of print. I have to be honest, I’ve never seen the movie (James Spader CREEPS ME OUT) but I’m really digging this album, the album is mostly really moody ambient pieces, bookend by two very bizarre tracks that have a lot of guitar samples. I also find it moronically funny that the soundtrack to Sex Lies & Videotape was produced by Virgin Music. I’m simple like that.

Top Secret!
This movie is totally retarded but the soundtrack is surprisingly sophisticated. Another one by Maurice Jarre.

The M Squad
This might appeal to a few people out there for a few reasons. First of all, The M Squad was a crime TV show that starred Lee Marvin, and Lee Marvin was a bad motherfucker that could get shit done – so I’m sure the show has its fans. Secondly, the main theme of ‘The M Squad’ was written by Count Basie, which is pretty cool. But the most notable thing about this soundtrack is that a few tracks are credited to ‘Johnny Williams’ which as many of you probably know as John Williams, yes THAT John Williams.

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    Please, please, please repost Big Country’s Wonderland remix and Giant! Keep up the great blog!

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