Funky Down Down

I know I promised more soundtracks and they are coming but I ran into some technical difficulties. I hope to have three more for you guys sometime this weekend. Unfortunately one of them won’t be Jerry Goldsmith’s long unheard score for Inchon, the Korean War movie produced by Rev. Sun Myoung Moon as the record turned out to be horribly warped. Bummer. Anyways until then here are some more lovely tunes from the 80s.

Midnight Oil

Beds Are Burning (Luongo 7” Mix)
Beds Are Burning (Instrumental Ayers Rock Mix)
Beds Are Burning (Percapella Kangaroo Mix)
I swear I will not post any more remixes of this song. Until I find another 12” that has remixes of it.

David Byrne
Make Believe Mambo (12” Remix)
Make Believe Mambo (Acid Remix)
This is a mambo song by David Byrne, I don’t think we need an acid remix for it to trip us out.

Desire (Hollywood Remix)
Hallelujah Here She Comes
I was one of five people in the late 80s that didn’t like U2, but even I dug ‘Desire.’ This is a very 80s remix that inserts random news clips about violence and politics to give the song that ‘intense’ feel. ‘Hallelujah Here She Comes’ is the b-side to Desire that was also on that B-sides collection U2 sold with their Greatest Hits CD for about two-and-a–half days before pulling them off the shelves because they’re tools.

The English Beat
I Confess (Special Dance Mix)
To the 15 people that have emailed me asking for an extended remix of ‘Save It For Later’: I don’t have one, so stop it already! If I ever do I promise I’ll post it right away and not save it for a later post. Wow that was a bad joke.

Pseudo Echo
Funky Town (Dance Mix)
Man, wouldn’t it be totally awesome if Funky Town was an actual place?!? You totally know George Clinton and Bootsy Collins would live there, fuck they’d probably be the mayor and sheriff (respectively). I don’t think anyone was ever clamoring for a cover of ‘Funytown’ by Lipps Inc., but Pseudo Echo (some band from Down Under) actually pulled it off.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was really suprised and happy you posted the mixes of David Byrne’s “Make Believe Mambo”. That song takes me back to my college days back in the late 80’s. His album, “Rei Momo”, from which that song comes from, is one of my all time favorites. Thanks again for posting those two mixes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Beds Are Burning (Percapella Kangaroo Mix)is the same one as the Percapella mix you posted not long ago. Which is the actual title for the remix? Can’t get enough of the Lost Turntable! I have a fair share of some of this stuff but my records are in another city. Thank You!

  3. r says:

    I have some Peter Gabriel MP3s if you would like. Thanks for the great site.

    Walk Through The Fire
    Jetzt Kommt Die Flut (Hear Comes the Flood-Sung in German)
    Me and My Teddy Bear
    In Your Eyes (Special Mix)
    Soft Dog
    Don’t Break This Rhythm
    Sledgehammer (Extended Mix)
    Solsbury Hill (Live at the Bottom Line, Flexidisc 1978)
    Lead A Normal Life
    Seven Zero (Real World Notes #2)
    GA-GA I Go Swimming (Instrumental)

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