Fairly Used

People keep telling me I’m angry, and I usually tell them to fuck off. But they may have a point. Here are some selections from some of my older postings:

  • September 18th:
  • “…the record industry is run by batshit crazy jackasses.”
  • August 31st:
  • “Sting Is A Pussy”
  • This entire post
  • July 7th:
  • “(Dashboard Confessional are) dickless emo fuckers.”

Meh. Whatever, being nice happy is totally overrated.

Originality is highly overrated too, so all the songs on tonight’s post are covers. Actually, I’m posting covers because these are some of the only songs I have left on my hard drive that I can turn into a quick post. I haven’t gotten around to recording all the vinyl I bought this week. They say necessity is the mother of all invention, but I think laziness is its father. It’s hard to tell though, because necessity was totally a slut.

Sonic Youth – Touch Me I’m Sick
This is off of a split single Sonic Youth did with Mudhoney – it’s never been put out on CD as far as I know. I was thinking it over and this record was probably one of the first LPs I bought as an adult – God, what does THAT say about me? I’ve always dug this song. It’s one of the only songs I can play on bass and sing at the same time – proving once again my amazing musical prowess.

System Of A Down – Metro
This cover is up there with Evergreen Terrace’s remake of ‘Mad World’ and In Flames’ take on ‘Land Of Confusion’ as one of the best hardcore covers of a non-hardcore song. Berlin (my fav 80s synth band) originally did it, and this cover is off of the Dracula 2000 soundtrack. That, my friends, was a shitty movie.

The Vines – Ms. Jackson
Man, what the fuck happened to these guys? I remember checking them out live right before their first album came out. It was at a dive in Detroit that held about 50 people. They were utterly amazing and tore the shit out of that place. Less than two years later I caught them again and they were the worst band I have ever seen live (and I’ve seen Hootie & The Blowfish, so that means something). Even worse, their past two albums have been awful and forgettable (in that order.) What a shame – these dudes had some serious talent. This is a cover of the Outkast classic that they’ve routinely performed live ever since they first formed – this is the only studio version of the cut I could ever find though, it’s off some lousy compilation celebrating Rolling Stone’s anniversary.

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