Go Knack Yourself

I pride myself on posting a wide variety of music, but I think this is the weirdest selection of shit I ever put up.

Wolfmother – The Earth’s Rotation Around the Sun
I saw these guys live a few days ago and sweet holy Jeebus do they bring the rock. A lot of people describe them as an updated Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, but with this b-side they’re are obviously trying to channel the spirit of Saucerfull Of Secrets era Pink Floyd.

It’s Tricky (Club Mix)
It’s Tricky (K-Rec Remix)
As many of you may know, The Knack is suing Run-DMC for copyright infringement because Run-DMC illegally sampled ‘My Sharona’ on this song. As my friend Tony put it “Color me 20 years late.” Here are two good mixes of ‘It’s Tricky.’ The first is off of a 12-inch single and the other is off of the soundtrack to SSX Tricky. Want to know what you think of The Knack’s decision to sue Run-DMC? Here’s their Myspace page!

Sparks – Marry Me
Sparks is totally the best European band from America ever! Yeah, I know that makes no damn sense but that’s the only way I can describe their sound. Lost In The 80s seems to share my obsession with Sparks, so if you want more Sparkage check them out. This was a bonus track to the European re-issue of Propaganda.

Pet Shop Boys – Rent (Extended Mix)
This is easily one of the most beautiful songs of the 80s – and simultaneously one of the most depressing. I don’t know if this track was a hit when it first came out, but it’s a song you never hear on the radio during “80s flashback weekend” the only Pet Shop Boys track they ever dig up is ‘West End Girls’ – which I hated when I first heard it and I can’t fucking stand it now. Anyways, this extended version of ‘Rent’ clocks in at around eight minutes, so the sorrow lasts even longer!

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  1. marty says:

    Love the post. The it’s tricky(club mix) is no longer posted. Can I download the mp3 anywhere? help a brotha out? email mjohnso5@comcast.net

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