Ewoks Are My Homeboys

Garyn Numan – Radio Heart
This is a real oddity. The song was only available on a single, which was credited to ‘Radio Heart featuring Gary Numan.’ From what I all intensive purposes this is a Gary Numan track, and the name trickery might have been an attempt to counter Numan’s decreasing popularity at the time. The song is alright, but is not one of Numan’s best.

Granati Brothers – Go Crazy (Live)
Another live track from the Propaganda (previously mentioned here) compilation album. I never heard of these guys before and I’m having a hard time finding anything else by them other than an album from 2002 (which sounds pretty damn good.) Anyone got any info on these guys?

Bob Geldof & Johnny Fingers – I Don’t Like Mondays (Live)
This is from The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball, the second Policeman’s Ball concert that was set up to help Amnesty International in the early 80s. While this one was sadly Pete Townshend-less, it’s still pretty good and anything with ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ is okay in my book. I have no idea who Johnny Fingers is, however.

Sting – Roxanne (Live)
Okay, I usually fucking hate this song, but this version (also from The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball) is actually pretty good. It’s just Sting and his guitar stripping the song to its bare bones. There’s a skip in here about 45 seconds in, but I could not get it out no matter how hard I tried, it’s only one line.

Meco – Ewok Celebration
This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard and I absolutely love it. I’ve talked about Meco before and considering how many Meco albums I’ve managed to collect through the years this probably won’t be the last time either. His big hit was a disco take on the Star Wars theme and he continues to milk that to this day. What really makes this funkyfied version of the Ewok Celebration stand out is the absolutely batshit INSANE Ewok rap that closes it out. This album also has a surprisingly faithful version of ‘The Theme to Simon & Simon’ on it. Please don’t ask me why, I have no fucking clue. I do know, thanks to this AMAZING Meco fansite, that Kenny G contributed to this album, making it the best thing Kenny G has ever done by default.

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  1. Steven says:

    Johnny Fingers was the pajama wearing keyboard player for the Boomtown Rats,hence his playing with Bob Geldof…

    I enjoy your blog..if I negelected to mention elsewhere..Thanks for the Urgh tracks!

  2. Respect says:

    My memory might be fading. I think “radio heart” was a collaboration with a band called “Radio Heart”. Gary was fronting the first two singles, but subsequently fell out with the guys as when they released their album it was promoted as “all accross the nation, with Gary Numan” when only 2 of the tracks “Radio Heart” and “London Times” featured Gary’s vocals. I have both on 7″ and on 12″ too I think. Gary didn’t write the songs or the lyrics, but just sung on the two singles.

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