Breakdance For Amnesty International

Duran Duran – Save A Prayer
It’s weird how I managed to stumble upon all three Secret Policeman’s Ball records in the course of a couple of weeks. These amazing concerts (which were charity events for Amnesty International) featured some amazing performances from Eric Clapton, Sting, Bob Geldof and Pete Townshend. The third one was probably the most pop-friendly of the bunch, featuring tracks by Erasure, Nik Kershaw and other 80s pop stars. 80s pop stars don’t get much bigger than Duran Duran of course and this slow acoustic version of one of their best songs is probably the highlight of the third album.

Kate Bush (With David Gilmour) – Running Up That Hill
Scratch that, this is the highlight of the third Policeman’s Ball album. Kate Bush has one of the most beautiful voices ever to grace this tiny insignificant planet. She’s like some short of little British siren. I’ve heard her voice has a four-octave range and I believe it. As if a live recording of one of her best songs isn’t great enough, David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd) plays guitar on it. I read that she joined him on stage for his last tour and together they performed Comfortably Numb. If anyone out there knows where a recording of that is available let me know and I’ll repay you…with something. Maybe I’ll beat someone up for you or something (I’ve always wanted to break into the hired goon business after all.)

There’s a small skip in the beginning of this one, I did my best to get it out but there’s still a few seconds missing, it’s before Kate starts singing though and its barely noticeable.

Herbie Hancock – Megamix
I tend to shy away from ‘Megamixes’ because in their attempt to capture the great moments from 4 or 5 songs they usually just end up creating one really bad song (the same goes for medleys too). This is the exception to the rule. Also, since most of it consists of ‘Rockit’ (the best electronic song of the 80s) its all good.

David Kubinec – Another Long Ranger
Yet another track from that insane Propaganda compilation album. I have no idea who David Kubinec is and I don’t think any of his albums are available on CD. If his other songs were of this quality then that’s a big bummer.

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