Who’s B.A.D.?

C’mon Every Beatbox (Extended Vocal Version)
Beatbox’s At Dawn
It’s a scientific fact that Mick Jones is the coolest motherfucker ever to sport a Stetson hat. Big Audio Dynamite (or B.A.D.) was his band that followed The Clash and was one of the first rock acts to fully embrace dance beats and extensive sampling, which are both evident and this extended mix of one of their best songs. The B-Side, ‘Beatbox’s At Dawn’ is a remix of that song.

Terry Reid
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
My first exposure to Terry Reid was on the soundtrack to Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, I had never heard of him before. When I found out that he was Jimmy Page’s original choice for the lead singer of The New Yardbirds (the band that became Led Zeppelin) I was more than a little floored. I also read somewhere else that he turned down a spot in Deep Purple as well. Talk about your unfortunate career moves. This cover of the Sonny Bono-written classic (wow, never thought I’d say that) is the opening track to his debut album Bang Bang, You’re Terry Reid, which is out-of-print in America. The quality ain’t perfect, but the LP I got if from was really ‘Bang Bang’-ed up….man, that joke was bad even for me.

‘Bang Bang’ has been recorded by so many artists that it’s hard to figure out just who did it first. Sonny And Cher released their version in 1966, but so did Stevie Wonder. Since then it’s been covered by artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Petula Clark and Coil. The very that is most famous, and the one that was heard during the opening credits of Kill Bill, is sung by Nancy Sinatra.

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