Step To The rhythm Made Out Of Brown Paper

Snakes On A Plane is awesome. Go see it.

Now on to the music.

Forever Young (Extended Mix)
Big In Japan (Extended Vocal Remix ’88)
Two synth-pop classics. There’s nothing I can say about these songs that hasn’t already been said. I feel the same way about Forever Young that I do about George Clinton’s ‘Atomic Dog’, I could listen to it forever. These are taken of an Alphaville Singles EP I bought, although they are available on tons of different Alphaville collections that are on CD.

Orange Crush (REM Cover)
I’m still in shock over how amazing Editors were at Lollapalooza. I was on the fence about them but they really convinced me they were the real deal and not another Joy Division knock off. This is another cover off of that Q: Best Of 86/06 CD.

Not Even Jail (Daniel Kesser Remix)
Public Pervert (Carlos D Remix)
When I bought Interpol’s Antics I was battling a nasty sleep disorder that required me to sleep at the hospital for observation on several occasions. When you do a sleep study at the hospital they have you go to sleep at 10:00 and wake you at 4:00, and each time I made the trip Antics was in my car for some reason. It’s beautiful music to drive to, especially at 4:00 AM, when no one is on the road and the sidewalks are empty – it gives the entire world an ethereal out-of-this-world feeling. Of course, so does not sleeping for two days, but whatever. These are two remixes off that album that I found on a four-record set.

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  1. Randy says:

    OK. I’m sold on the Editors. Just bought The Back Room…

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