Black Box from another life

I think I’ve talked about this before, this blog is over 10 years old after all, but I have a playlist on my computer that’s just called “Lost Turntable.” That’s a queue of sorts that contains every song that I want to share here at some point.

Right now it has 1,200 songs on it and includes tracks that I first recorded to my computer back in 2013.

Now, the 1,200 is kind of deceptive. I have a few complete albums on there that I have no intention in sharing in their entirety, but regardless, this list has gotten to damn big. And a lot of these songs have been languishing there for far too long.

But no more! The purge has begun! First up, anything I recorded to my computer before I moved to Japan.  A lot of this stuff is strange. You’ve been warned. But if you’re a little sick of the Japanese prog/new wave, then you’ll probably be happy.

Black Box
The Black Box Medley
Hold On (Disco Tech Mix)
Ask me anything about Black Box. Spoiler: I know nothing about Black Box.

Well, I guess that’s not true, weren’t they the other group that Martha Walsh sued for credit (with the more notable one being C+C Music Factory).

It was hard for me to find out exactly how long I’ve actually had this song in my collection. According to iTunes, I added it to my library in March of 2013, but that’s just when I got my current computer, so all that tells me is that it predates that. I actually have the hard drive from my previous setup in this computer though, and according to that, I added these files to my collection in October of 2012.

At that time I was still trying to cut it as a full-time freelancer (I’d just gotten an article on!) and was planning my then vacation to China and Japan. Funny that.

I was also buying singles en masse. Seriously, you have no idea. You realize how deep you have to dive into a dance music rabbit hole to come out the other side with promo only Black Box remixes? Pretty fucking deep I tell you what.

Looking back, that was such a weird point in my life, spending so much time in front of my computer, listening to LPs non-stop. I also owned a home! Didn’t have a full-time job! And hella in the closet (as much as a man with over 100 Madonna singles can be)! It’s amazing how fast shit changes. I still look back at that time of my life happily. I have no regrets about any of it. I was happy I spent that time on my ass, trying to make it as a writer and listening to weird 12″ singles all damn day. But I’m glad it came to an end. Tokyo is dope. My boyfriend is dope. My job is dope (usually) and my apartment is hella dope (and I don’t have to worry about the pipes in the basement fucking exploding).

I do, however, miss buying countless 12″ singles for dirt cheap prices. Tokyo may have more record stores than most American states, but none of them are Jerry’s Records. I miss Jerry’s.

And Mineo’s, the pizza place that was next door. Although the fact that I don’t go there ever week is probably for the best. It’s probably why I lost 20 pounds when I first moved here.

Anyways, Black Box. House music. Dig it.


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  1. john Dougherty says:

    can I download this, or do you no longer offer a download link?

  2. Lost Turntable says:


    “save as”

  3. Bunny says:

    Hello! Your sometime reader from Manchester UK who is not on Twitter, FaceBook or anything so… sending you a message this way! I’m sure you know about this cuz it’s your thing but Hyperdub have just released a compilation of japanese video game music and it’s gonna be out on vinyl in Feb. Just thought you might like to know. It’s called Diggin’ In The Crates and it’s on Hyperdub’s Bandcamp page. Feel free to ignore this if you don’t care / already know! Just sharon’ the love! Two thumbs the fuck up, Buns X

  4. Bunny says:

    sharin’ – not sharon’! ker-ringe!

  5. Bunny says:

    OH MY GLOB! It’s called DIGGIN’ IN THE CARTS not crates. Sorry, sorry. Saturday morning. Head fuzzy.

  6. Tom W says:

    Black Box had a huge, unexpected European hit with Ride On Time, sampling Loretta Holloway’s Love Sensation, and toured it around the TV shows with someone miming vocals, presumably wondering when they’d be found out. When it came to their second single, they decided not to change a winning formula – and once again built it all from samples of Love Sensation.

    Amazingly, it even managed to be quit good…

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