Shameless self-plugging (ew).

If you’re visiting this site for the first time because of my guest appearance on Retronauts, then you’re probably looking for some choice video game music, so here are some highlights from previous video game themed posts.

Beep! Video Game Discs
This is where you can find the dope remix of the Chase HQ theme I mentioned near the tail end of the podcast.

Dreamcast Vinyl Rips
Tracks taken from the weird white Dreamcast record that was an Australian pre-order exclusive.

Mindscape Flexi-Disc
More flexi-disc madness. This one is really out there.

I also have another site called Mostly-Retro, where I have talked about video game music on occasion.

Check out these pages about the Yars’ Revenge, Asteroids and Missile Command Kids Stuff records.

Then there was that time the dude who wrote Dream Weaver did a song about Dig Dug. For real.

I reviewed the Final Fantasy Vinvlys box set a few months back.

And finally, some goofy clips from discs with Red Book audio.

New post later this week! It may be video game related.

3 Responses to “Shameless self-plugging (ew).”

  1. Raymond Fernandes says:

    Great episode and an awesome site you have here. I took notice to when Ray brought up that Masato Nakamura’s demo tapes for Sonic 1 & 2 were released. I was wondering of anything else similar to that has ever happened regarding game music that you know of?

  2. Lost Turntable says:

    No! I didn’t even know about that one. I think that’s pretty rare, especially for old games.

  3. Raymond Fernandes says:

    The fidelity is what gets me. The Sonic series is one of the best on the Genesis in regards to music, but is let down a bit by those sound chips. Hearing them crystal clear like that is stunning.

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