Echo And The Bootleg

When this goes up, I’ll be in (not so) lovely NYC. Remember all the smack I was talking about Toronto and Canada? That was mostly facetious. Toronto is actually a pretty alright town. It might not be for me, but I can see why so many people dig it. And it has some pretty great record stores.

But New York City? Man, fuck that place. An overcrowded, overrated, overpriced and oversantized nightmare amalgamation of everything horrible that America has to offer. Sure, it’s the “city that never sleeps” and you can always find an amazing restaurant, bar or whatever, but damn, between the racist cops, smelly subways, mean people, crowded streets and every other disgusting and evil thing the city has to offer, why the hell would you want to leave your home in the first place?

If the above rant offended anyone who lives in the greater New York City area, I’m sorry…that you’re stuck in New York City.

Echo And The Bunnymen
New Horizon – Live in Tokyo January 1984
Two of my favorite things, Tokyo and post-punk/new wave music from Liverpool!

This is a bootleg. As the title suggests, it was recorded in Tokyo, sometime in January of 1984. I really don’t know much about it aside from that. There are no linear notes on the release, just a poorly made photocoppied piece of paper taped to the front cover. Judging from the setlists at this Echo And The Bunnymen fansite, however, it would appear that this an abridged recording of their January 17th show at the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, with the encore of “All My Colours (Zimbo)” and “Do It Clean” absent.

I’ve posted bootlegs here before, and unfortunately most have sounded like hot garbage. Not the case with this one! Judging from the snippet of Japanese audio that plays at the beginning of the first track, I suspect this is a rip taken from a Japanese radio broadcast. While that means its definitely a cut above your typical audience recording, it still does have its fair share of flaws. The stereo cuts out from time to time on the first track, and the overall fidelity of the recording (and the vinyl I ripped it from) are less than perfect. That being said, it’s completely listenable, with clear vocals and instruments on all the tracks.

It’s also a pretty great performance from the band during their peak. Ian’s voice is incredible throughout the performance, and the band as a whole sounds damn near perfect. A must-listen for Echo fans who want a glance of the band during their prime, no doubt.

Click on the link above for a complete zip of the concert. But if you’re curious, here’s the entire tracklist:

  • Over The Wall
  • Stars are Stars
  • The Killing Moon
  • The Cutter
  • All That Jazz
  • Never Stop
  • Thorn of Crowns
  • Crocodiles

3 Responses to “Echo And The Bootleg”

  1. James says:

    I have this complete 1-17-84 Tokyo concert, including the two missing songs. Want me to send them to you?

  2. Deke DaSilva says:

    every other disgusting and evil thing the city has to offer

    New Yorkers refer to those people as: smug white liberals.

  3. Kyle says:

    Ah the Sun Plaza gig? Great show. I’ve been trying to find a copy of the Bunnymen’s Live at Erics recording… its so difficult to get a hold of these things, all the links I’m able to find are dead. If anyone here can help me get my hands on some Early Echo, that’d be fantastic.

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