Ryuichi Sakamoto – Discord Gütninja Remixes

Been neglecting Lost Turntable in favor of Mostly-Retro for the past week or so. Sorry about that, getting a blog up and running is hard work, especially when you’re trying to balance it with work that actually pays. In case you’re interested, some stuff I’ve put up there recently includes this review of the latest by Queens Of The Stone Age, and a rather obscene take on Microsoft’s rather obscene used games policy they seem to be adopting with the Xbox One. If you miss my foul-mouthed rants of old then you should probably read that post. I suspect you’ll like it.

Now music.

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Discord – Gütninja Remixes (complete album download)
I bought this in Tokyo, and recorded it last month. About the only thing that has stopped me from sharing it here is trying to figure out how to write about it, as well as the realization that only about five other people in the world will care about it. But hey, I’m sure those five people will be stoked.  For the rest of you, I’ll try to talk you into downloading this and giving it a chance.

I’ve written about Sakamoto on this site before, but in case you missed those posts, here’s a quick refresher. Ryuichi Sakamoto was part of the super-influential/amazing/incredible Japanese electronic pop group Yellow Magic Orchestra; a group who helped to lay the groundwork for synth-pop, electronic dance and even chip-tune. After they disbanded in the mid-80s, Sakamoto embarked on his wildly diverse and successful solo career, which includes mainstream rock music, ambient electronica, and orchestral compositions. He even won an Oscar in 1987 for his work with David Byrne and Cong Su on The Last Emperor.

In 1997, Sakamoto released Discord, his first classical work that was not for the screen (although many of his previous works had some classical elements). Primarily orchestral with a touch of piano, the album also featured some guitar and even some turntablism from DJ Spooky, so even if classical isn’t your thing, I think you should give it a chance. It’s really different.

Two years later, Sakamoto (or someone on Sakamoto’s label) handed Discord off to various DJs, producers and other electronic musicians for remixing, and the result is this album. It’s something special and unique, thanks largely to the remixers chosen for the project, who include Amon Tobin, Coldcut, Andrea Parker and Tavin Singh (a lot of Ninja Tune is on this record). They really work to transform the classical compositions into entirely new tracks, sometimes removing and reworking so much of the original pieces that they’re nearly unrecognizable. That’s not a bad thing in this case, however, all these tracks are great, even when they have little to nothing in common with the source material.

In case you can’t tell, I really dig this record. It’s pretty much everything I love all rolled into one big ball of awesome; Sakamoto, Ninja Tune, crazy remixes, and awesome weird Japanese shit. I really hope I’ve convinced you to check it out too.

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  1. serpico009 says:

    thanks for the d/l. i haven’t yet heard any sakamoto that really grabbed me, but that is a hell of a remix lineup.

  2. regularjoe says:

    Thanks from one of your gang of five who is thrilled with today’s offering.

  3. awesome post. Loved Ryuichi Sakamoto + Alva Noto so much; can’t wait to get into this

  4. KiDG says:

    Thanks so much for this!!!

  5. acid ted says:

    like serpico said. a hell of a remix line up. Discogs says it’s
    1 Grief (COLDCUT Remix)
    Remix – Coldcut
    2 Grief (Amon Tobin Remix)
    Remix – Amon Tobin
    3 Anger (Rare Force 2 Meg Mix)
    Remix – Rare Force
    4 Anger (Talvin Singh Remix)
    Remix – Talvin Singh
    5 Anger (Chocolate Weasel Bad Hair Day Mix)
    Remix – Chocolate Weasel
    6 Salvation (Ashley Beedle’s Heaven & Earth)
    Keyboards – Uschi Classen
    Programmed By – Mark McGuire
    Remix – Ashley Beedle
    7 Prayer & Salvation (J Swinscoe’s The Real McCoy)
    Remix – J Swinscoe
    8 Prayer/Salvation (Interpretation By The Fink)
    Remix – Fink
    9 Prayer (Pan Sonic Remix, Parts A, B, C)
    Remix – Pan Sonic
    10 Grief (Andrea Parker Remix)
    Remix – Andrea Parker
    11 Discord (Oval Remix)
    Remix – Oval

  6. Benjamin says:

    Hey, I have this random promo from around this time I can send your way if you’re interested:

  7. Lost Turntable says:

    Yes want please!

  8. juniorsown says:

    As for all your Sakamoto-Posts a big Thank You from Germany for this one!
    Hey, we are more then five! 😉

  9. aboombong says:

    Got this when it was new. Nice collection. Doesn’t seem like I have ripped it for myself for some odd reason, so thanks for saving me the trouble.

  10. psorb40 says:

    Acid Ted, this is the 2xLP vinyl rip, that’s why the tracks are different. Great post man, got some of these on a 12″ CD single type thing from years back, cheers p

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