This post brought to you by a Sudafed Nyquil cocktail

And now it’s time for an obligatory “what’s going on with the mysterious and oft-delayed new website” update!

Things are actually coming along! I have a template that I am relatively happy with, and the site is fully-functional. Now I just have to get the hang of some small technical quirks, set up the plug-ins working right and get a few articles polished a bit and it should be ready to go! I was originally shooting for an April 2nd launch date, but as you can see, that didn’t happen. Now I’m thinking (for sure this time) that I’ll have the site up by the 16th at the absolute latest.

It’s going to be a weird, with a pretty wide range of topics being covered, but I hope you will all like it.

Now some remixes from bands whose names start with the letter ‘P’. That wasn’t planned, it just kind of worked out that way.

Primal Scream
Know Your Rights
96 Tears
My trip down the Primal Scream rabbit hole continues. I picked up Sreamadelica on the advice of many commenters here, and I freakin’ love it. Damn, what a great record. I’m happy I took a chance and splurged on the massive super deluxe edition. It was worth it to have all the bonus cuts, remixes and live stuff. And the box itself looks great. If you like that album and have the cash to spare, I recommend picking it up.

These cover tunes are both b-sides to the 12″ single for “Kowalski,” a track off of their 1997 record Vanishing Point, which I’m told served as a soundtrack to the 1971 film of the same name. I have to pick up that record next, I love that movie. People who come here are always recommending music to me, well let me recommend a film to you. Want to see a movie about a a speed junkie (in more ways than one) delivery driver who outruns the police on a cross country chase all while being guided by a psychic blind radio DJ? Then you need to see Vanishing Point. That shit is a trip.

If I Ever Feel Better (Todd Edwards’ Dub Better Remix)
If I Ever Feel Better, I’ll Go To The Disco (said The Buffalo Bunch)
Ugh, this song has been my theme song the past month. Two weeks ago I was hit with a brutal stomach flu that left me in a state I best not describe here, and then yesterday I was hammered with a strange head flu/cold thing that, while not totally kicking my ass, has made working a bit unpleasant.

It’s April! It’s to blame I tell you! Longtime readers may know already know this, but I’m cursed during the month of April. Laugh all you want, but when you get dumped, get fired, break a leg, suffer a horrible allergic reaction to antibiotics, break a rib and fall victim to a violent home invasion all in the month of April (not all in the same April though, that would have been fatal), then you start to take this shit a little more seriously.  Considering it took a record seven hours for this April to turn to shitl, I’m not holding out that this one is going to be a winner. If anything else happens to me I’m just going to bunker down in my office with a mountain of records to my left and a mountain of pizza to my right and ride it out (with a mountain of liquor in the middle).

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, Phoenix! Yeah, they’re pretty great. I’m stoked for the new record. These are remixes are of a song off their first album, which I do not own but I hear lovely things about.

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  1. Travis says:

    Vanishing Point (the movie) – epic. The Primal Scream track? A massive thundering leviathan.
    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Screamadelica – you should check out the ‘Classic Albums: Screamadelica’ documentary, it’s brilliant:

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