Dispatch From China: Some Like It Hot

As I write this post I am sitting in my room, drinking whiskey and listening to Erasure. However when you read it I will be in motherfucking China, probably freezing my ass off on the Great Wall or exploring the city’s burgeoning punk and metal scenes (I am so stoked to hear Chinese punk, you have no idea). Oh the magic of “post on date.”

However, since I have just spent the past four hours writing various other words for various other articles, blog posts and emails, I am officially out of things to say! So this one will be brief. Good stuff though, at least I think so.

The Power Station
Some Like It Hot And The Heat Is On 
This version of The Power Station’s biggest hit is a megamix of sorts that combines the original album version of the track with “The Heat Is On,” the dub mix of the song. It’s good, but all I could think about while listening to it is the video for the song. It’s 80s as fuck.

The following things happen in this video:

  • A rotoscoped woman dances.
  • An extremely tall female model walks up to a space heater while Robert Palmer sings “feel the heat.
  • Plastic trees burst into flames!
  • The same model from before returns and shaves her already shaven armpit on camera.
  • Robert Palmer (dressed as a priest) sings to a statue of a bird.
  • Stock footage people clap.
  • The model puts on pink lipstick while a statue of a tiger watches.
  • Guitar solo by the dude from Duran Duran, he is clad in ammo belts and 80s metal hair.
  • Model puts a lamp up to her face when Palmer repeats the lyric “feel the heat”
  • Model sunbaths in a black light, with shaving cream on her face.
  • Rotoscoped lady re-appears from lightening!
  • Freeze frame!
  • Song ends.
  • PS: bolo ties.
  • PPS: Neon green eyeliner
  • PPPS: The 80s yo.

Always (Extended Mix)
You guys! I almost went an entire year without posting an Erasure remix! What the fuck! If that happened I would have lost my fabulousness (and fuck you Chrome, that’s a word). This is from a 12″ single.

Oh god I just thought something: what if there is there is a club in China that plays vaguely gay synthpop? Oh god I hope there is. I’ll dance my ass off. Fuck punk bars, that’s where it’s at.


3 Responses to “Dispatch From China: Some Like It Hot”

  1. chadwicktron says:

    The model for the Power Station video is Tula. She was born a man.

  2. A little Erasure is always (!) a good thing. I wish they would release some more singles boxes. EBX 1-4 only went up to Abba-esque, the same time period as the original Pop! compilation.

  3. Anna says:

    This is the best thing ever posted to the internet. Ever.

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